Gig Guide: Shutdown 2 @ Independent [26.4.19]

There seems to be a concerted effort to push local MCs in Sunderland this year. With On My Wave and Exodus among other events already showcasing the best the city has to offer, longtime promoters Wearsiders Presents return for Shutdown 2 headlined by This Be The Click on April 26th.

Washington-based legends Smooth Jezza and Double U have managed the seeming impossible maintaining a relevance despite not being on Facebook with personal accounts in a local sceNE and generation obsessed with the social media platform. This is in no small part thanks to their prolificness in constantly supplying their core audience with a stream of releases. You can always count on This Be The Click to bring a fresh and lively set.

Despite 90BRO and Max Gavins now residing in opposite sides of the country, RuMaz remain a regular booking for hip-hop nights in the North East. While Max is still residing in the region, 90 has moved to London and that initially caused fear over a split for the two before their collaborative release Songs In The Key Of Hype reached completion. Thankfully that’s not the case, and as the duo drip-feed us their new music, its worth catching them live to prove the hype is indeed real (and the RuMaz are true).

While Shutdown 2 promoters Wearsiders Presents were serving the hip-hop sub-sceNE in Sunderland circa 2015, Static was the Newcastle equivalent. Its nice to see then, Mr Static and M2E making a comeback appearance at Independent.  The rap and production duo are underrated for their contributions behind the scenes for North East rappers and MCs and its probably about time they pushed themselves as much as they have their peers.

Irish-born Milky Barz is now based in the North East and has been for several for years. Having performed at esteemed events such as The Bridge and ObSceNE, she’s no stranger to live events and will be looking to make her mark on the Mackem crowd with her recent releases.

Rounding off the scheduled performers for the night is relative newcomer Sam Summers. He introduced himself to some locals during Oxjam’s Monday night open mic stint in Kommunity and should be set to make a few more heads acquainted themselves to his sounds.

Shutdown 2 will be hosted by E-Mence and Claymore with DrewRich booked as DJ. Tickets cost £7 on the door or £5 in advance available from the artists. For more information check out the events’ Facebook page here.

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