Oli Cogle talks Strictly Sisters’ Inspirations, Learning Curves & Future Plans

What is your personal background in the world of music? 

Growing up hearing the music my Parents listened to – some early memories are falling asleep to Nirvana’s album – Never Mind and Pink Floyd along with a blend of The Fugees, Leftfield and The KLF. Cream Anthems 2001 sparked a passion for electronic music which then followed on to listening to Scott Brown and Bonkers CD’s.

At school we would spend entire lunch breaks holding phones together to Infrared MP3 clips of New Monkey sets before Bluetooth was a ting. My first rave was Westfest 2010 which was a massive influence rolling onto attending HTID, Uproar and Ravers Reunited events in Birmingham (HMV Institute), Leicester (The Emporium) along with Ellsmere Port (Destiny & Elite.) 2014 welcomed a new found love for a genre called Drum & Bass. Here we are today.

What is Strictly Sisters? 

Essentially an online platform for female artists in the Drum & Bass scene to showcase their work and link up with their fellow Sisters.


What inspired you to start Strictly Sisters in September?

We have a predominantly male DnB scene and a lack of underpinning for female artists. Although initially only intended as a four week project – the amount of positive feedback and support received spurred the realisation I had started a movement.

What have you learned in the six months running Strictly Sisters?

We are all equal and this needs to be reflected in all industries – not just music. Most female artists just feel they should be recognised at the same level as their male counterparts rather than just being appreciated for ‘looking good’ behind the decks.

What are your plans going forward for Strictly Sisters? 

Introducing our first event this year and to continue pushing as much talent as possible focusing on encouraging those who may just need that small boost from our community to ignite their music legacy.

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