NE Rising talk Open Mic, Proudest Achievements and Future Goals

6 months ago you launched NE Rising, what was the inspiration behind that?

We have always been involved in the sceNE, we realised that there is an enormous plethora of talent right on our doorstep. Whether that be MC’s like Zico, HB, NE Dons, or DJ’s and producers like Stompz, Nectax and Skantia, to name a few. Further South, it is evidently easier to have your sounds, ideas and dreams to be heard, with the North East being a region overlooked. Our main aim was to promote the creatives and small businesses throughout the region who we feel deserve a lot more exposure. Thus far, we feel as though we are achieving this within our first 6 months.

For people who don’t know what NE Rising is, how would you describe it?

NE Rising is an online platform ran by real enthusiasts, every feature we create is written from our heart. There are only 2 of us doing the research, write-ups, live streams and all coverage of everything going down in the North East. We are approachable, and will advise, as well as promote your ideas, products and events. All you have to do is message us!


What has been your proudest achievement through running NE Rising?

Hosting a charity event at WHQ in December last year, in which we raised just North of £500 for great causes. However, we are incredibly proud of everything we have done, we love to promote those around us – its great seeing our friends grow with a little help from us.

You’ve just announced an open mic night at The Cluny, why?

The Cluny is an iconic venue in Newcastle – with a fantastic stage and room for performances, however most are not aware of the amazing, sound-proof facility this venue has on offer, as well as the amazing people working behind the scenes to keep the pub alive!


With three solid performers already booked, why the open mic?

The three headlines have been brought in to add a new dimension to the typical Open Mic format – people can come see artists you would usually have to pay to see, for free! As well as this, we hope that seeing the 3 headline acts will encourage others to jump on stage with them, network, and get to know some of our regions best known acts.

Why have you booked NE Dons, Eyeconic & P Mann in particular?

NE Dons & P Mann are artists we have, and are looking to, work with a lot. P Mann won our competition back in December astronomically, with a massive amount of votes for his song ‘North East Baby’ – you can catch him performing this for the FIRST TIME EVER LIVE, at the open mic. As for Eyeconic, we see him as a real future star to come from our area. His irrefutable pride for Teesside is inspiring, and we are behind him every step of the way, as well as knowing he will bring not just one style of rap, but almost every different format of Rhythm and Poetry.

Are there any acts you’re specifically hoping turn up?

We aren’t particular, but would love to see numerous different genres being performed on the night. From UK Hip Hop, to Rock – we hope to see you there for our inaugural open mic.

Is the open mic for any type of performer or is it specific to hip-hop/grime acts?

Absolutely anyone can come join in! You don’t have to be a rapper, you could have a heavy metal band, you could be a singer, you name it! If you’ve got talented vocal cords, we want to hear from you,

Is this a one-off or do you plan for the open mic night to be a regular thing?

We are hoping to make this a quarterly event, just like our Charity raves (and a few other things in store). If the event goes well, we will be putting wheels in motion to host more this year, and will be open to suggestions for more headline acts as well as formats to host the open mic nights in.

What are the goals for NE Rising in 2019?

Our website should be live very soon, as well as a few other features yet to be announced. We are looking to work with some other large online platforms (not naming any names!) and to hopefully see someone from the North really break into the mainstream spotlight! NE Rising was created for the people, not ourselves.

Like @NEDirectory on Facebook, Follow @NE_Rising on Instagram and get along to the open mic night at The Cluny on Friday

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