NE Dons talk Upcoming EP, New Single & NE Rising Open Mic Night

What have you been up to since releasing the NANG EP?

We took a little break to focus on some stuff in our personal lives, but Sonny got in touch with us with a beat, which turned out to be Everybody Knows and we all enjoyed working on it so much that we’ve ended up making a collaborative EP together which will be announced properly in the coming weeks.

You’ve just released your new single, Everybody Knows, an EXCLUSIVE DROP on TRM Radio, how have you felt about the reaction so far?

The feedback has been great to be honest! As far as views on Facebook/Spotify streams it’s just about on pace with our expectations. It’s been surprisingly popular in the US on Spotify. New York seems to be enjoying it even more than Newcastle.

There are rumours of a new EP from NE Dons coming in 2019, what can we expect from that and do we have a rough time of release?

Yeah as previously stated we’ve been working on our collaborative project with Sonny which will hopefully come out in April/May. We’ve also both been working on solo EPs which as of now don’t have rough dates as Dialed has been away working, but he’s back this weekend and we plan on getting right back to work on them. We’ve been chucking ideas about for a 3rd NE Dons project towards the end of the year but our primary focus at the minute, other than the finished Sonny project, is our solo EPs.

It’s been a while since you’ve done a PA set, are there any of the older tracks you’re looking forward to getting back to performing?

Honestly we’ve performed all of our older tracks plenty of times and we both feel like people have heard them enough, NANG might sneak itself into some sets though, we both feel the stuff we’ve worked on with Sonny and our unheard solo tracks are at a much better level technically and we’re more excited to show crowds we’ve been working on.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you’s live before, how would you describe what people can expect from your performance?


Are you planning on switching anything up for the slightly different format of headlining an open mic night?

Honestly nah not really we’re gonna come out with everything we’ve got like we always do. We’re really excited to see some new talent though, it feels like ObsceNE is back.

Is there anyone you want to see come and perform at the open mic?

Both of the Levi’s, Zico, Reali-T, 47, Shakk, Rex Regis, Listaa, E-Mence and Claymore, just about everyone who used to come to ObsceNE consistently, obviously HB, Pxnther and probably more than anyone Big Fletch because he’s the person who got us started really, and not only have we not seen him for ages, but I don’t think he’d be ready to see how far we’ve come since we last saw him.

Like @DonsNorthEast on Facebook, Follow @NE_Dons on Twitter and @NE_Dons_ on Instagram. Get along to the open mic night at The Cluny on Friday.

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