5 New Songs You Need To Hear This Week [8.2.19]

Every week it feels like millions of songs are released. Having scoured through various playlists, albums and loose-cuts we’ve compiled a list of five new tracks you need to hear this week.

Need To Hear

Yizzy – Yeah

Nineteen year old Yizzy has been putting out hit-after-hit for a while now. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who’s had a better three-single-run in the last few months. Yeah follows up Keep Chasing which came after Hype Ting and its another banger.

AJ Tracey – Country Star

The evolution of AJ Tracey has been fascinating. When everyone in the UK was buzzing over Thiago Silva, I wouldn’t have expected the West London artist’s debut album to sound like it does. The eponymous LP dropped today with Country Star seemingly pushed as a single alongside the albums release.

Smooth Jezza ft. Dubs, H-Man & Rick Fury – JUNGLE

Having proved himself as one of the most respected rappers from the North East of England, Smooth Jezza isn’t allowing himself to become complacent. For his forthcoming album, HELP, he’s going full Russ on us by handling everything from producing, recording and engineering himself. On JUNGLE he’s hooked up with Dubs, H-Man and Rick Fury for a taster of whats to come.

Skepta – Wish You Were Here

Exciting times are upon us followers of UK grime. With Lord Of The Mics 8 not too far away, there’s a few back-and-forths beginning to brew, not least of which between Skepta and Wiley. The Tottenham MC took the beef to wax this week releasing Wish You Were Here, addressing the Godfather’s inability to turn up to shows he’s booked for, even his birthday bash, which Skeppy replaced him at.

Dizzee Rascal – Quality

We might not deserve a grime album for Dizzee Rascal. The 140bpm icon has been hounded for years to release something more in-line with his roots, following years of more hip-hop centric sounds. He finally releases an EP along the lines of what we ask for, and it gets heavily slept on. Fortunately for those who missed the Don’t Gas Me EP, Dizzee has released a video this week for Quality.

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