5 New Songs You Need To Hear This Week [1.2.19]

Every week it feels like millions of songs are released. Having scoured through various playlists, albums and loose-cuts we’ve compiled a list of five new tracks you need to hear this week.

Need To Hear.jpg

Riko Dan – CR7

This banger is a dish best served at the loudest possible volume. If you need something to get you hyped, gassed up and motivated then look no further than the legendary MC’s tribute to two of the greatest footballers of all time, Christiano Ronaldo and the original R9 Ronaldo.

Fredo ft. Dave – All I Ever Wanted 

From the title, I really wanted a Basshunter sample. Once that disappointment subsided, the Funky Friday follow up became an earworm. With each and every listen I’ve become more hooked. The perfect single for Fredo’s Third Avenue album which also dropped today.

Jister – Ode To The Day

Its been two years since we heard new music from Jister. It wasn’t always a certainty we’d hear anything more from the Middlesborough man but thankfully he’s back and better than ever. Meandering around the inner-depths of Jister’s mind, Ode To The Day is outstanding.

Tsu Surf – What If?

If I only ever hear rappers on The Sharke beats for the rest of my career, I’m okay with that. Taken from Tsu Surf’s latest full-length release Seven 25, What If?, is further proof that the New Jersey URL legend is the best battle rapper putting out music right now.

Dylan Cartlidge – Wishing Well

Although the song has been available on DSP’s for a while, we’re counting Dylan Cartlidge’s Wishing Well as a new track because of the music video release. The hotly tipped hip-hop artist is going on a UK-wide headline tour in a few weeks time and I couldn’t recommend getting a ticket enough.

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