Tipping Point Live Replaces Evolution Emerging

For a whole decade, Evolution Emerging was a cornerstone of local music culture in the North East. The Ouseburn-based festival has played host to some of the regions finest exports who have gone on to become internationally renowned acts. Sadly, Evolution Emerging is no more. From its ashes, Tipping Point Live will rise.

Transforming from an all-dayer to a full weekend event, Tipping Point Live will remain within the haunts of the Ouseburn Valley’s beloved venues. The repackaged event looks to be more than a music festival and more of an all-round experience for the culture of North East music.

Film Screenings and Family Activities are advertised on the newly unveiled poster alongside the expected New Music, Food, Live Sessions and Afterparty DJs. Tipping Point Live will also feature Industry Workshops which are most likely a continuation of the Evolution Emerging conference which was held last year at The Sage prior to the festival proper.

Per Generator’s website, we should “Expect a more diverse line-up with a range of artists representing genres such as jazz, dance, alternative and rock. For the first time, as well as artists who apply through our website, the lineup will also include artists recommended by high profile curators.”


I was honoured to be a part of the panel for Evolution Emerging 2018 but it looks like I might be replaced by someone higher up the food chain for any hip-hop / grime representation. I’ll try not to take too much exception to the lack of mention for my preferred genres because I know how hard Charlie has worked to help legitimise the hip-hop SceNE’s presence at prior Tipping Point events.

Its an admittedly scary time for local music lovers in Newcastle. Not only have we lost Evolution Emerging, but Meet The North has also been scrapped this year. Unless we all jump on a megabus to Teesside, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get an all-dayer purely for local acts in 2019.

I’m sure there’ll be some moaning on social media. Evolution Emerging was a staple of our culture. One of the few reasons to own a calendar, was to mark the day Evo would come. Something has to be said for the fact that Tipping Point aren’t looking to continue with the same event which we loved in 2008.


While it is a shame, and the future is uncertain. Its exciting. What does this mean for the local acts that do make the cut when applications open on Friday? More national eyes? Could these mysterious high profile curators be on the look-out for our hidden gems?

Music as an industry and art-form is constantly changing and there is a need for paradigm shifts. What if Nas had just stuck with one producer for his debut album, would Illmatic be the same? What if Wiley was content with garage and didn’t splinter off to discover grime? What if Evolution Emerging needs to be laid to rest so that Tipping Point Live can soar to greater heights?

There are loads of questions in the wake of this announcement, many of which will likely be answered in the coming months. But the only way to truly know what we’re getting from Tipping Point Live is to buy a ticket, and get yourself along.

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