5 New Songs You Need To Hear This Week [25.1.19]

Every week it feels like millions of songs are released. Having scoured through various playlists, albums and loose-cuts we’ve compiled a list of five new tracks you need to hear this week.

need to hear

J. Cole – Middle Child

Dreamville’s head-honcho and now self-proclaimed middle child of hip-hop, J. Cole has ran 2019 so far. Okay, we’re only just over three weeks in but from the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions to releasing this new single, Cole SZN is in full swing. If this is the standard we can expect from the upcoming project(s), I am very excited to hear even more new Cole.

Yungen – No Chorus

For a moment there a few years back, it looked like Yungen could emerge as one of the brightest lyricists in the UK. Since then, the London MC took a more commercial path but with the success of Bestie etc., you can’t be too mad. A quick drop to start 2019 came as Yungen released Project Purple this morning. I wasn’t expecting much beyond the lead Dappy assisted single, but having seen a screenshot on social media of Off The Record 3, I rushed to listen. It was No Chorus which held my attention on the tape though, proving if Yungen wanted to, he could out rap your favourite rapper.

Devlin – Fun To Me

Having returned recently courtesy of a collab EP with Syer B, hype is beginning to swirl around Devlin again. The grime legend went quiet for a while but his music has remained in regular rotation. Although his last solo drop, The Devil In, was a little hit-and-miss, this new single is a positive sign that The Movement MC might be back to his best.

Syer B ft. Jammz – So Wait

Earlier this week I wrote about Syer B in TheRootMusic’s Tip Tuesday series. The Roll Deep veteran has been on a hot streak since his return and although I maintain belief that Go Deep is the stand-out song from Fire x Frost, So Wait is a highlight too. The music video for the collaboration with Jammz dropped on SBTV this week.

Swindle ft. Ghetts – Drill Work 

Aight, hands up. This song officially released as a single earlier this year but it does feature on the Swindle album which dropped today and its a banger you really need to hear. Swindle’s production provokes mad screw faces while Ghetts skips around the beats’ pockets seemingly effortlessly. The calm swagger as Ghetts spits “flow check, ain’t out of my zone yet” gets me inexplicably gassed. Swindle’s whole No More Normal album is a vibe but Drill Work is the creme-de-la-creme.

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