Gig Guide: On My Wave 2 @ Independent [25.1.19]

Sunderland’s contributions to hip-hop and grime music in the North East subcultures is incredibly understated. There aren’t too many MCs but what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality on Wearside.

If New North East don’t go down as a legendary collective, I’ll take it as a personal failure. Although NNE have broke up seemingly indefinitely, their individual members continue to make their mark. As can be evidenced in the line-up for On My Wave 2 on Friday 25th January at Independent.

Tuckage’s unique flow has made him a divisive artist but as a figurehead in Mackem music his work rate deserves credit. His two collaborative mixtapes with 90BRO are up their with the best releases from the SceNE in recent years and Amnesia is arguably the most underrated mixtape I’ve ever heard.

The former NNE man now represents La Familia with his cousins Halo and Sheriff. The Mackem trio headlined the first On My Wave event at Independent, and for the follow-up Tuckage delivers his first solo show.

Halo has been added as a late addition to the support acts alongside Drew Rich on DJ duties and Reali-T standing in for the unfortunate withdrawal of RuMaz duo 90BRO & Max Gavins.

I’m keen to learn more about Legion who I’m relatively new to hearing about while Philth Like makes his highly anticipated return to the region. Since he’s moved to Manchester, Philth Like has been promising an EP. We expect to hear a lot of new music from the veteran MC.

In an almost-NNE reunion show, Listaa is also among the former members of the Sunderland collective billed. Having teased on social media that this may or may not be his final live appearance, we hope being back up on the Independent stage reminds Listaa of why he often draws comparisons to North East legend Rick Fury.

Favourites to the steal the show come in the form of the team of E-Mence and Claymore. With no sign of their collaborative EP or the solo project Clay promised last year, hopefully we’re in the calm before the storm with this gig providing the first strike of lightning. Aggressive flows and visceral punchlines aplenty.

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