Netflix & Spill: Titans

Growing up I used to love Teen Titans. It wasn’t so long ago I utilised my Amazon Prime free trial to relish in nostalgia by binge-watching Young Justice. Seeing a live action series titled Titans, I was super excited…but I soon felt catfished.

This is not for kids that are watching Teen Titans GO!. This isn’t even for older kids who caught the later series’ of Teen Titans and Young Justice. Visceral violence is aplenty throughout with blood and guts regularly spilled by a particularly psychotic Robin.

Raven is genuinely terrifying. Way scarier than any monster I’ve seen in a horror film. Starfire isn’t the annoyingly optimistic being I remember either – although that one might be on me and my memory. Beast Boy does largely remain the same, and for the most part the least violent of the troup. I mean, except for that one part he’s transformed into a tiger and eats a villainous captor.


The more…mature…approach to the Titans series compared to its animation alternatives might have been a shock, but it was a pleasant surprise. There was still a distinct comic aesthetic but the series felt it was made for me at 24 rather than ten years plus earlier.

Cyborg is missing but there are extended cameos for Hawk, Dove and Wonder Girl in addition to appearances from Jason Todd and Batman.


The first nine episodes are incredible. As Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy slowly form a team, discover their own powers and fight off villains the pace is perfect. Which makes for the final episode all the more disappointing.

Its hard to breakdown without spoilers, but it felt like an overlap episode. It could easily have been the first episode of series two. I understand the role it plays but it was a disappointing end. There could have at least been an additional episode properly explaining the confusion of the final part.

I dearly hope there is a series two (three, four and five), and thoroughly recommend you check it out.

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