#TipTuesday: $.O.N.N.Y

#TipTuesday is a weekly series in which TheRootMusic aims to introduce you to new, upcoming and emerging creatives. Whether its MCs making a buzz online, a producer shaping the sound of a genre or anyone else on the cusp of greatness, making waves and shifting paradigms.

In our first tip of 2019, we’re not hedging our bets but going all in. $.O.N.N.Y IS going to shape the sound of grime in the North East of England, and potentially beyond this year.

Its only a matter of time before the Newcastle-based producer becomes a go-to beat maker for grime MCs around the UK and at the very least, we expect him to dominate the genre in his hometown for the next twelve months.

Having placed some phenomenal production to HB’s seminal sophomore opus and working closely with Ryza for MeCasaSuCasa, the foundation has been laid by $.O.N.N.Y. With rumours of releases from Zico MC and NE Dons utilising his soundscapes, its going to be an exciting first quarter for North East heads.

We’ve predominantly mentioned grime throughout this #TipTuesday for $.O.N.N.Y, but he’s also proven a master of trap instrumentals (See: his work with Ryza) and probably more sub-genres we’ve yet to hear.

You can fully expect a snowball effect with $.O.N.N.Y’s name popping up on production credits for more releases from aforementioned MCs in addition to the likes of Blitz and others in his TGF faction alongside former members including YH and Eyeconic.

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