Jister talks Last Train Home, New Music and Still Not Texting E-Mence

At Last Train Home festival we’re joined by Jister, one of my least favourite people of all time because you’re one of the few people still hanging on to the #FuckLeeHawthorn…

Yeah man sometimes when I just look at ya face and you’re giving me a disappointing glance from the front row.. AND you’re always at the front. You’re big enough to stand at the back! But no… you go to the font.

Well my excuse now is that I take photos and if I do it at the back there’s too many peoples heads in the way.

You could lift your arms up but I suppose that’s effort?

It is. Too much effort and speaking of effort. When are you going to start putting some effort in and start releasing some music? You did say there was going to be new music performed today. Nope. Didn’t happen.

That was clever. I’m lazy man. I’ve done it. I’ve wrote it. I’ve wrote a lot but then I forgot to record it. I was going to record a little rough verse and then just listen to it over and over then I just kept forgetting and then it was Friday. Then it’s too late, do you know what I mean?

I mean, it’s Saturday now. You could have done it last night.

I know, but learning shit is like.. I know a bit of it but not enough. Not enough to be confident.

Have you got anything else planned? Are you going to be performing any more?

This could be tempting fate but I never generally ask for things so when I put something out people putting shit on generally say “do you wanna do this?” So when I put something out I’ll probably do gigs.

So if you’ve written stuff, have you found this producer that you’re working with?

Nah. Well, I’ve took a different approach.

Are you twocking beats?

Nah, I’m not twocking beats. Well, I’ve twocked one beat. I’ve got like six tunes. I’m using a Naughty40 beat that I got sent about four years ago which I liked at the time but sort of forgot about. Then I was digging and found a folder on Dropbox called Beats For Jister just off random people over the years. I’ve found that I was like bang that’s that one done. So that’s one done out of six. Then I was listening to some dude on Spotify, I can’t remember the name but he’s a fucking mint producer..So I was like, I’m nicking that but I don’t know what the crack is for making a video because YouTube are getting shit hot aren’t they, they’ll take it down. So the different approach I’m going for now is less pressure on finding this perfect human being that probably doesn’t exist and just working with the people I rate anyway that I know can make me something good cause I know plenty of producers I’m just trying to be a diva.

So not necessarily mad scientist shit. Just good beats?

Nah man at the end of the day I’ve spent two years just thinking about maybe doing something and all that time thinking I haven’t done anything. So it’s a bit pointless do you know what I mean? Like, you might as well just start putting stuff out. Thing happen. Producers have probably forgotten who I am.

If Naughty40 forgets who you are, we need to start worrying.

Yeah he’s not forgetting who I am. Me and Naughty40 are tight.

So while you’ve not been making music, have you been listening to much? Is there anything thats been inspiring you.

Mainly grime…

I cannot imagine you on grime, doing a grime tune though…

I’ve done a grime tune with E-Mence on that EP with Steez, no he did another beat. I really need to get in touch with E-Mence I think.

Have you still not done that since the Q&A? Fucking hell…

I saw Claymore the other day and he was proper laughing about it and I was like aw shit, I forgot about that. Obviously he had read it and was laughing at the fact that I hadn’t said anything.

And still haven’t..

Yeah, I still haven’t.

You’re a bad friend and a bad person.

I might be. He’s got everything as well, I don’t know what I’m doing! He’s got all the beats, he knows how to produce, he knows how to mix and master, he’s got recording set up in his bedroom…

So you know this perfect person you’ve been looking for? It literally is E-Mence.

I think I might need to get in touch with him. He might not even want to anymore. He might hate me.

I wouldn’t blame him. You’ve told me that you’re sorry twice, about him, and you haven’t spoke to him yet. In fact, this interview is finished. I’m going to make you text him.

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