Reali-T talks Endless Window, New Manager Announcement and Headlining the o2 Academy

We’re outside The Cumberland Arms who just had Reali-T on stage for Endless Window, how was that for you?

Yeah, it was good. What was the last show I did at The Box Social, Hit The North? Meet The North. So they put me on straight after this act that’s on here today called Crimewave. I was like wait a minute, are they trying to tell me something. They’re putting the black guy after Crimewave…twice now! It’s not right guys. Stay woke.

How did you feel about that crowd? When I usually see you its usually with everyone in the hip-hop scene that comes out but in that one, I’m probably the only person who has seen you before and it was very a new crowd so how was that for you?

And [you’re] probably the only one that likes hip-hop there. I think they liked the talking in between more than the tracks themselves which I can understand if you’re not a hip-hop fan. Half-way through my set I realised “Oh! I have my glasses on” when they were falling off my nose but I needed it to use the laptop on stage as well. You know, we went old school this evening. It was good.

EW Reali-T 001

Around the time you were telling everyone in the crowd about your glasses being on, not usual…You also kind of announced that I was your manager now…

[Laughs] This Guy!

What’s my cut?

You know what happens on stage, yeah. Every time I go on stage, I’m nervous. So I just say rubbish. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. [Laughs]

You’ve also just, as we were coming outside there, someone was asking you about a show in Leeds. So that’s got to be a good sign as well?

Let’s keep that on the low…

Nah, I wanna know what my cut is for that show.

When I get there, we’ll see.

It’s a 360 deal. Just so you know.

Not to make it to serious but in hip-hop…I’m more like, I believe it when it happens. Like, I don’t want to get too excited. If I’m performing in Leeds, I’ll believe it when I’m on stage. In Leeds.

Not just in the city? Not in the venue? When you’re on stage?

Nah anything can happen. You can’t say you’re performing in Leeds then you just go to Leeds Station and then “oh, it’s cancelled.” You have to be on stage, rapping at least one song. Then, that’s it you’ve performed in Leeds. Even if its not your show… I’m joking [Laughs]

Just takeover a random stage somewhere? Sound. But you do have a very real show next week headlining the o2 Academy [Newcastle]. How does that feel for you?

Yeah, another thing…If there’s like ten people in the crowd. It’s like what’s that theory if a tree falls in a forest or whatever…

And if nobody hears it, did it really fall…

Yeah. So its to make an impact. That’s why I put…Well, not I. That sounds egotistical. But I am, aren’t I? [Laughs]. But that’s why those support acts were put there. The level of talent. Apologies if you aren’t on that’s just the people that crossed my mind at that particular moment. There’ll be more shows but I don’t want to have a headline show and then just put people that, people weren’t really familiar with just to get myself more liked. It doesn’t make sense. If we want to help the scene then everyone come together in one place. Invite everyone! Lets make a noise and that’s how people will hear it. Simple.

It really is a star-studded line-up. So we’ve got The Click, Rick Fury, HB, Jamilah…

All headliners.

Eyeconic, A$AP Alberto and Leonae – I think he’s changed his name to – and then a load of Chat Trust. So for your set particularly on that night… Can we expect anything different? Obviously I’ve seen you a million times now and I’m hoping for a couple surprise guests.

Yeah, yeah, there’s going to be that. I don’t want to say too much.

A couple more friends in our neighbourhoods…

Yeah, yeah, there’s gonna be a few. I haven’t told you but yeah there’s gonna be, yeah, just wait for the night.



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