Fest Pest: Shakk Last Train Home Q&A

Last Train Home festival comes to Darlington on September 22nd courtesy of Tracks. Among the venues is Legacy Skate Store which houses exciting hip-hop talent from the North East including Jister, Rex Regis and Endem. Liam Hope and Kv$hnoodle are also performing at Last Train Home festival alongside Shakk who has answered a few questions we sent his way ahead of the event.

Last Train Home

Since your return earlier this year its felt like you’ve been working pretty much non-stop. Your music and videos have been everywhere online and you’re on a load of flyers for gigs too. What’s been your favourite moment so far?

I am still at the very beginning of my journey as an artist yet I’ve managed to have a positive impact locally within the music scene and in terms of creating my own fan base. I’m very grateful for that but its still only the start. I believe I will achieve a lot within the next fear years so as they say the best is yet to come. That being said my favourite moment so far has to be supporting Jaykae at the O2 Academy, the reaction I got there was mad.

What are you doing in your downtime, if you get any?

Im 25 now and I’m very much different to the person I was a few years back. These days I spend a lot of my downtime creating music, I love reading and I’ve also started a podcast called Growth Over Comfort with a good friend of mine, which is doing really well. Now there’s been some time to reflect since its release.

How do you feel looking back on I Am You, and the reception it received?

I am really proud of the reception I’ve received for the I Am You E.P. I feel that Ive inspired a lot of local artists to bring their A game moving forward and helping people grow is a important for me. All of the tracks were aired on BBC Tees and BBC Newcastle also played a few. Bobby Friction from BBC RADIO playlisted my freestyle “Liquid Water” on his national show, which was huge for me as to my knowledge there is only a 1 or 2 rappers from the North East that have ever been playlisted on a national BBC Radio show. Its a good start but the E.P is a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things and i don’t like to sit and admire past projects, I have a lot I want to accomplish in a short space of time and it requires all of my effort.

In the fast paced music industry, we always want the next release the day after the last one. Are you working on any more music or is the focus still on I Am You? 

I am always working on new music. I love creating and as a creative there is not many feeling that satisfy as much as completing a project from scratch. Its a really important part of my life and it has been a key factor to my growth as a person. I have been working with a lot of different styles of music and I am looking forward to showcasing my diversity as an artist

Last festival in Darlington you brought Liam Hope out, what can we expect from your set at Last Train Home. Any other special guests?

Yeah he’s great at what he does. If i ever decide to bring a guest to join me on a set, it has to be a surprise, so I guest people will have to just wait and see.

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