Fest Pest: Jister Last Train Home Q&A

Last Train Home festival comes to Darlington on September 22nd courtesy of Tracks. Among the venues is Legacy Skate Store which houses exciting hip-hop talent from the North East including Shakk, Rex Regis and Endem. Liam Hope and Kv$hnoodle are also performing at Last Train Home festival alongside Jister who has answered a few questions we sent his way ahead of the event.

Last Train Home

After a relatively long hiatus of performing and just about everything musical, you’re back…What have you been up to?

WorkWorkWorkWorkWork lemme see ya work work work etc. I have an incredibly hectic and unpredictable full-time job that goes a bit mental in the summer and this one has been particularly intense.

I’ve also bought my first house recently and there have been other things in real life that have taken over my consciousness that I’m really enjoying to be honest, so I’ve just not been arsed about making anything with rap. Now the summer is over though work should calm down a bit and I’ll be back on it like a Shakespearean Sonnet sound tracking a level of sonic.

You’ve recently been looking for producers to work with on social media. Why is it so important for you to collaborate with a specific producer rather than downloading a range of beats online? What’s the difference?

It’s obviously more personal to work with someone than just twock them from YouTube. I like to build something with someone who’s as passionate about the end product as me and gets reyt into it. As well as the fact that you can find yourself scrolling through YouTube, find a good producer and want to mess with part of the beat or even just get a high quality version of it rather than ripping it from YouTube, and then the dude doesn’t reply, or he doesn’t want anyone using it, or it’s already in use, or it costs £150 and was clearly whipped up on a dodgy version of FL using the package kits, or just some other annoying bullshit which tbh just puts me off.

I also can’t be bothered trawling through YouTube to find a beat just to see forty other rappers versions of it down the side on the suggested bit. It would be weird if there were ten versions of every pop song or any other genre so why would I want to make version ten of some random beat?

Another thing is that I don’t want to just show i can rap on a beat like I might have at the start,I think that’s a problem nowadays like, even with big dogs like Eminem. He’s just wanting to show everyone he can rap and doesn’t seem to give a shit about the beat, I mean its all well and good having ability but if it sounds shit then that sort of defeats the point of music doesn’t it. I wanna make enjoyable interesting music not show you I can rap.

Mainly the laziness though, just can’t be arsed trawling.

There’s been rumours of you working on projects with Naughty40 and E-Mence, What’s the latest on those, are they happening at all?

I met up with Naughty40 a couple of times to chat about a project, but once I started explaining the sounds I wanted as colours and emotions, showing him 3 or 4 songs I wanted to sort of sound like that all sounded completely different, like, not even close, I think it threw him off a bit. It’s a shame because I rate him as the best producer in the North East and one of the best in the country within the grime and hip-hop genres, but I’m very abstract/useless in how I describe stuff and want something like nothing else, and we just couldn’t make anything happen.

I’m just chewy as to be honest, I want weird unique stuff like nobody has heard before with mad things that might make a proper producer a bit uneasy. Naughty wants a more rounded and perfected sound which to be fair I understand and I love pretty much every tune he’s made, but it’s like he said, I need some obscure producer/scientist to make music for me and I think he’s right.

I feel really dodgy on E-Mence, we haven’t spoken for a while after we wrote a good project worth of stuff and I rate him a lot as a rapper, producer, and a person. Working with Dan was organic as fuck, he was sending me beats, I’d love them and instantly write a verse then he would get hype and do the same, and we’d just bounce off each other and ended up with quite a lot of material. Then I broke my phone and since I’m a buffoon and don’t back up, a lot of my bars went missing and I felt I didn’t want to rewrite because that initial spark had left me a little bit. Now I feel like I’m just not in that creative zone or mood but I know if I revisit those beats and bars we will get something done. I’m sorry DAN! But I’m still up for it if he is, I should probably message him actually.

Can we expect any new Jister music in 2018?

Yeah man, I’m hoping to bang something new out fairly soon. I have a good vague concept and a few ideas, I just need to work on the delivery of it and work out what sort of sound I want for the production. And also desperately need a producer or musical maestro who can help me create something muaaaaad.

What can expect from your set?

The usual buttery northern flows with a thick slice of terrible banter.

It’ll be a lot of the last project (JTLR), with a couple of older tracks in there to keep things zesty, also hoping to preview a new song as I’ve written something that would be miiiiint for a set list opener, just need to finish it and work out some music for it, so maybe not.


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