Fest Pest: Kv$hnoodle Last Train Home Q&A

Last Train Home festival comes to Darlington on September 22nd courtesy of Tracks. Among the venues is Legacy Skate Store which houses exciting hip-hop talent from the North East including Shakk, Rex Regis and Endem. Liam Hope and Jister are also performing at Last Train Home festival alongside Kv$hnoodle who has answered a few questions we sent his way ahead of the event.

Last Train Home

The last time we seen you was actually in Darlington, for Music Box 2017. What have you been up to since then?

Yeah man! That was a fun day! Since then I’ve moved to Manchester and been in a weird headspace if I’m completely honest. Nevertheless I’ve been making more music and I feel like I’ve evolved as an artist. The new mixtape, nth/nd, is really close to being done and I’m really happy with it! But yeah I’ve just been making music and planning behind the scenes while also tryna get my mind right.

You’re currently living in Manchester but still stay connected to the North East. Why is it important to you to do that?

I think it’s important because that’s where I started out doing this and it’s where I grew up and developed a burning passion for making music so it’s important for me to stay connected. It’s home at the end of the day. I also really fuck with the artists in the north east and it would be a shame to completely block that out of my life.

We know you’ve been working on some collaborations including with 90BRO. What can you tell us about those sessions and who else have you been working with?

Yeah man, I’m a huge fan of 90BRO and a huge fan of RoninClan, both of which I now have songs with which is amazing to me! 90 is the bro for real, I feel like we have a mutual respect for each other as creatives and as people and it was just meant to happen really! RoninClan are super undeniably dope so that was a fun one to get down. Other than that I work with MAXXAMMO always, he’s like my brother and always will be and we’ve got plans for a new collaborative project in the distant future so look out for that!

RideMusic recently premiered some new music from you. What can we expect from whatever music might be coming next?

Love to RideMusic for that for real! Just expect a more refined version of what i’ve been working towards, which is something new and interesting, a change of scenery if you like from what is expected from a rapper. Lots of energy and emotion. A style you may have never heard before, but not too far away from what you would expect.

What can expect from your Last Train Home set?

I’m coming with the energy for this one. It’s been so long since I last performed and I’m excited to bring new music and more energy than you’ve ever seen before. Maybe… just MAYBE…. a couple of guest appearances thrown in for good measure! And lots of loving energy, come hug me and lets enjoy music together!


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