Fest Pest: Endem Last Train Home Q&A

Last Train Home festival comes to Darlington on September 22nd courtesy of Tracks. Among the venues is Legacy Skate Store which houses exciting hip-hop talent from the North East including Shakk, Kv$hnoodle and Rex Regis. Liam Hope and Jister are also performing at Last Train Home festival alongside Endem who has answered a few questions we sent his way ahead of the event.


Another Darlington festival, another headline set. Whats in store for us this time around?

I’m not headlining this one buddy! David and Rob asked me to curate the stage for Legacy Skate Store, so this line up is almost catered to my own personal taste, as well as what I think others will like, given the location. I gave the headline slot to Shakk. He has been working hard lately not only for himself but to help others so I think he has more than earned it! Liam Hope is on the line up. He seriously impressed me with freestyles at our take over night in Darlington and i’ve wanted to see an actual set from him since so I cant wait for that!

We’ve joked in the past about you attempting suicide in your performances by rapping so fast you must almost run out of oxygen. Are you going to give yourself more of a break and perform more of your slower tracks, or continue the trend of attempted suicide by rap?

To be honest I blame it on Leum mate. I mean Music Box fair enough, entirely my fault, however I read the room and it begged rave, but any other time its his fault! He loves going in and turning the place wild so I can imagine he will spin the fast stuff. I have little to no choice most of the time. He likes to challenge me and by that point its too late so I just do up my boot straps and dig in.

You helped curate the line-up, right? What do you take into account when picking rappers to feature on festival stages with you?

Yes sir. Obviously performance is key. Not just in track quality and set lists but the type of venue must suit the artist. If its a big venue that’s likely to be full of younger heads then artists that can talk and run their mouth, so to speak, is a must. Legacy Skate Store is a very cool laid back venue, so i’ve went for artists with an ‘out there’ style. Very mixed styles and very down to earth people.

At Music Box, your set was literally smashing. What are you and the crew going to break this time around?

Hopefully nothing! I can imagine the contents of this shop is a lot more valuable than a few glasses so I might have mine and the lads hands zip tied out the front of our bodies so we can’t do any damage!

You’ve been teasing Diaries Of A Sociopath 3 and a new project. What can you tell us about those, any around about release dates yet?

Am I glad you asked! Yes, finally! Me and Sam have had so much go on in our personal lives alongside taking on commissioned work, helping design merch, filming, gigging, working yadda yadda yadda that it seems we’ve been running on a treadmill for a month. A couple of times we’ve had to sit down and ask, “where the F**k are we actually at with this project mate”. We’ve been so picky that we’ve binned an EP worth of stuff never to be seen again. Its been crazy but honestly now we are out the deep, this stuff alongside everything we have surrounding is crazy. The release date for the project is 24.11.18. We will be releasing singles around a month prior continually for 4 weeks up until the drop, along with custom merch and yes, Diaries Of A Sociopath 3 is in among the singles. Its intense and weird, but what else do you expect from Endem. The Anarchy Is Religion Record Release party will be held at the Forum Music Centre Darlington on the 22.11.18. There is a full line up of artists, a merch store and a bar (obviously, its us). You can purchase wristbands for £5 by contacting the LA page, one of us personally, dropping in the Darlington Forum or contacting Tracks. Got my plug in there not so sneakily.

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