Last Train Home Festival 2018 @ Darlington (22.9.18)

Darlington is becoming one of my favourite places for festivals. Music Box earlier this year was incredible, as it was the year before and now we’ve got The Last Train Home from some of the same people behind Music Box.

Similar bookers make for similar bookings but I’ll not complain too much because not only are the acts all very good but they don’t get too many bookings outside of Darlington events either – with the exception of Rex Regis.

Hometown boys Endem and Leum from Legitimate Anarchy lead the line-up at Legacy Skate Store alongside Shakk, Liam Hope, Jister and Kv$hnoodle.

Ronin Clan are must-see’s at Hogan’s and NARC.’s stage is amazing too with Talk Like Tigers and Martha Hill highly recommended.

Last Train Home festival takes place across multiple venues including The Hullabaloo, Hogan’s, St John The Evangelist Church, Banktop Central, Legacy Skate Store and The Grey Hound on Saturday 22nd September. Doors open 1.30pm. Tickets cost £16.75 and are available here.

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