New Music: Sutherland – Normal (Eminem Remix)

Eminem’s surprise album Kamikaze has divided opinions. Although most agree its an improvement upon Revival, there are still some listeners not impressed by Slim Shady’s second album of 2018.

Personally, the bitter-old-man-blaming-others-for-his-own-poor-music style is a bit of a put-off but that aside it is a quality offering. One song I wasn’t such a fan of, is Normal. Newcastle rapper Sutherland has taken the Kamikaze cut reproduced by Antidote and flipped into an amazing remix though.

Either side of a chorus caked in emotional resonance, Sutherland raps two verses voicing frustrations of being overlooked and underrated. The lyrics are similar to Eminem’s in terms of content but rather than bitter, Sutherland comes across as sincere in his introspection.

All I want is to be normal,
why the fuck can’t I be normal?
Always gotta be so extra,
I’ll end up ending like Chester.

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