Dobby talks Cardi B, Witchezz Brew Ball & Reprezent Radio

DRCF18 Dobby

Creamfields 2018 was a wave. Working alongside TheRootMusic’s friends at Dance Revolution to cover the dance festival I found myself a regular at Mistajam’s curated stage Jampacked for the second year running.

The only act I’ve caught both this year and last, Dobby is probably best known for being part of the exciting team at London based community radio station Reprezent but has also begun booking events namely the Witchezz Brew Ball. After her set, Dobby spoke on her love for Cardi B, who she wants to book for future events and which bigger station she wants to work at.

How was that for you?

Aw that was incredible, thank you so much I am just in awe. Second year coming back and better than ever, yeah!

And it really was as well! I actually need to thank you for last year because obviously Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow was probably the biggest song of the year and I wasn’t really a fan until I came to Creamfields and you played this amazing mix of it. Since then, Cardi B is probably now my favourite artist.

Listen I have been a fan of Cardi since her Instagram days so seeing the progression from the Instagram to the Love & Hip Hop to seeing where she’s at now is incredible. Also I met her real early on in her career as well so I was just like oh my god I’m blessed regardless, and I just want to shoutout UNIIQU3 who actually produced the remix of that record that I played last year. She’s just released her debut project called Phase 3, she’s incredible.

There were a lot of kind of remixes and stuff that you did in that, there was one of Motorsport into Trophies that just blew my mind a little bit. What makes a song go into your set?

I think I definitely like remixes that are unexpected so whether its blending like two songs that you wouldn’t expect to go together so like the Trophies remixes like that’s something you would never expect to go together but it has to excite me and it has to be something that I feel like no one has heard before as well, like I’m a real DJ who takes pride in educating her audience and taking it through the literal clubland and little remixes here and there of old school tunes, new school tunes and yeah, that’s how I feel about it.

I imagine that you’re really selfish when you pick your songs as well, like you don’t even care if the audience is going to really like it, you don’t care what’s the biggest song at the minute you just want to play the song that you’re loving, is that right, yeah?

Yeah, a little bit. You do have to take into consideration is the audience going to feel this? But yeah there is a small part of me that is kinda selfish and I’m just like, okay like, even if you don’t like it you’re going to learn about this track today.

Even just watching you dance on the stage is going to hook some people in isn’t it? People were just watching you and then copying off you and everything so, as soon as you got your phone out Snapchatting, everyone else did – you’re becoming a proper influencer. Second year in.

Aw, thank you. I’m trying, I’m trying. Energy recognises energy that’s all I can say.

Before coming to Creamfields you did an event, the Witchezz Brew Ball. And it was for an amazing cause as well, wasn’t it? Do you want to tell us a little bit more about that?

Yeah, of course. So the Witchezz Brew Ball I held down in my native of London, South London, Peckham, and it was for SafeLine UK which is a charity that works with sexual abuse survivors and their families through therapy and stuff like that. It ties into my own backstory so it was a cause real close to my heart and the Witchezz Brew Ball is always something I’ve wanted to do since I was 17 it’s always been there in my head. So this year I felt like I had the proper team and backing behind me to put it on, I had an incredible line-up. With Jamz Supernova, Fauzia, JayJay Revlon, and yeah I look forward to putting on more like definitely, the response was wicked.

Realistically, who would your dream be for the next one then? Jamz Supernova is a big name anyway so lets think one step bigger, who would you want to get in?

Can I pick three?

Pick three, but I want to know who would be number one

Number one would be Honey Dijon. She is an incredible DJ and she has paved the way for black LGBTQ DJs. Just her being on that stage and creating that visibility and showing other people like her that there’s space for us here is so important and she’s just an icon to me. I’d definitely love to have the queen herself Annie Mac, who I know is playing later on today, she along with Mistajam and Jamz Supernova is the reason why I started deejaying and doing radio. Also I would love to have Mike Q who runs Fade To Mind and Qween Beat Records, again just legendary within the ballroom scene like he is fantastic and Qween Beat have had a helping hand with some of the massive records of the year particularly with Teyana Taylor’s albums so again he’s another legend that I’d love to have.

Okay, so those were the realistic ones… and they were pretty big names anyway. So who’s an unrealistic one you’d like to do? Lets say in ten events time. Who would you want on? Cardi?

Ooooo! Cardi would be sick man… Nah, not Cardi. Kim. Lil’ Kim. We’re gonna go there, let’s go old school. Let’s go Lil’ Kim. The actual Queen Bee who put us all on and showed us yeah we can do this. Yeah, Lil’ Kim.

I don’t think we could do this without talking a little bit about Reprezent and all the amazing things you’s have done as an entire station. Its seems like a real community, I know it is a community station, but it really does feel like a community. I see on Twitter all of the interactions that you’s have and everything. How amazing is it to be a part of that station right now?

Oh, it is absolutely amazing. Incredible. I could not big up Reprezent enough and that’s not me being biased because I’m on it. As you said there is a real sense of community there like I call everyone in there like my family and it is literally like that little family vibe we always have a little Christmas party towards the end of the year where everyone is just in the Reprezent studios drinking responsibly, very responsibly, and just catching up with one another. Its really incredible to see us do massive things as a station but then to go and see your fellow peers do individually just as amazing is just so exciting. And there’s no bitterness between any one of us, we’re all super happy. It’s kind of like a relay race when one takes the baton and passes it on and its a constant flow, its incredible. I’m just proud to be part of Reprezent.

There is a lot of eyes as well isn’t there? Joe Walker’s gone to Apple, there’s a load of people going to 1Xtra – Where are you going? Are you going more 1Xtra? I mean you’ve got Mistajam and Jamz Supernova in your corner so…

I mean, commissioners, editors at 1Xtra call me. I’m available. I’m easy, I think whatever lands in my lap in terms of bigger radio stations that lands in my lap whether thats 1Xtra or Beats 1 its lands in my lap. My main focus is just continuing with radio wherever that is and also just touring as a DJ nationally and internationally and just being out there and people hearing my opinions on music and all the music that I love. 


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