From The North Wor Kid (12.8.18)

In the latest update to the From The North Wor Kid playlist, the MCs who inspired the title are our cover stars. H-Man and Just B are collectively known as HB and are responsible for one of the greatest grime bangers ever – FTNWK.

With their latest release Overcast, the pair are preparing their sophomore album which shares its name with the lead single. HB are supporting P Money at the o2 Academy this Friday alongside NE Dons, fungiFerg and P Solja who each appear on the playlist. P Money’s collaboration with Sheffield’s K dot also features.

Another gig happening before our next From The North Wor Kid playlist update includes headliner Aystar with support including Eyeconic and Blitz – all of them make the playlist.

Teesside continues to be strongly represented with the return of Leddie MC and Naughty40’s collaboration with Reali-T remaining alongside aforementioned names like Blitz, Eyeconic and fungiFerg.

Manchester continues to develop a foothold in From The North Wor Kid with Bison Briggz and Aitch continuing their presence in the playlist in addition to Younganz Fusion’s new single.

We almost said goodbye to Noble’s Lone Soldier but with a new single premiering tomorrow – expect it to be in rotation for at least another two weeks. Noble has recently announced a new show which will also feature NATO who’s latest effort is still on the playlist.

Sheffield’s Coco, Richmond’s Ceiling Demons and Leeds’ Heretic all continue to feature.

Hull’s Cheidu Oraka makes a return with the bonafide banger Darcy and Newcastle radge trio Ronin Clan remain in rotation with Usurp.

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