Fest Pest: St Buryan Evolution Emerging Q&A

This June, Evolution Emerging celebrates ten years of showcasing the North East’s best up-and-coming local music talents. Based in the Ouseburn across prestigious venues such as The Cluny, Tyne Bar and The Tanners Arms, Evolution Emerging 2018 features headliners such as The Pale White, Martha and Cape Cub. 

Indie five-piece St. Buryan seem to be on everyone’s must-see lists for this years Evolution Emerging. Following their comeback in 2017 with singles like ‘Everything I Said’ and ‘Lucid’, the quintet have become one of the most hyped bands in the north east and with good reason. We spoke to Rhys Melhuish, the band’s drummer about the festival, their upcoming plans and more. 

It’s been a good year and a bit for St. Buryan. After an 18 month hiatus, you returned with a new single what has been the highlight for you since the release of Everything I Said?
We’re a band that have been around for a quite a while now, but things only really clicked into place early last year after the release of that track. It’s been amazing since. We’ve been a part of some amazing shows, had our music on the likes of BBC 6 Music, and now we’re about to play Evolution Emerging. The last year-and-a-bit have been great! The personal highlight for me was a show we played supporting Flyte at the Surf Cafe in Tynemouth just over a year ago. I’d been a big fan of Flyte for a couple of years, so you can imagine how I reacted when we found out we could support. The weather was amazing, the venue was packed, everything went right. It was utterly, utterly lush.

Last month you re-released White Noise, how has the reaction been to that from new fans who might be hearing it for the first time, or even old fans being able to hear what could have been forgotten classics?
We were really happy to get the White Noise re-release out there. It features a lot of songs from the early days of the band, and the songs mean a lot to us. To have them at a higher standard was important for us. The best reaction has been from our friends, family and fans from the “earlier” days so far. Hopefully it’ll reach the ears of some (potentially) new fans too, that’s always nice.

When can we expect to hear new material from St. Buryan?
We’ve been writing a lot of new material very recently, and we’re going to be recording again in August. It’ll be a completely new scenario this time around, recording with new producers, and to a higher standard than we ever have before. It’s all very exciting! As for the actual releases, hopefully we can have a couple tracks out there before the end of the year.

Which other acts are you excited to catch at Evolution Emerging?
There are too many to name, honestly! I know that’s a cliche, but the lineup is so, so good this year. Not only are a lot of fantastic musicians playing, but a lot of our close friends are too. In particular, I’ll give special mentions to Bruto (who we’re clashing with, I’m really sad about that) Casual Threats, Cape Cub, Dansi, Deep.Sleep, FEVA, Holly Rees and The Old Pink House.

If you could add one other act to the Evolution Emerging line-up, who would it be?
I’m gutted that Picnic aren’t there this year. They’re not only some of the nicest people you could ever come across (especially for a bunch of Mackems), they’re an incredible band, especially live. I know Evo are putting on the Mustang’s Ally stage, outdoors, which features artists particular known for their live performance. Picnic would’ve been PERFECT for that, but it sadly wasn’t to be. They’re playing Riverside on the 30th with Club Paradise (formerly known as Street Party In Soho) though, so check that out!

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