Fest Pest: NE Dons Evolution Emerging Q&A

This June, Evolution Emerging celebrates ten years of showcasing the North East’s best up-and-coming local music talents. Based in the Ouseburn across prestigious venues such as The Cluny, Tyne Bar and The Tanners Arms, Evolution Emerging 2018 features headliners such as The Pale White, Martha and Cape Cub. 

North Tyneside grime duo NE Dons have quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting up-and-comers in the North East. NE-O and Castle made a name for themselves at iconic open mic night ObSceNE and have since gone onto to play at Meet The North and will be supporting Kamakaze in July. They will also be shelling down The Tanners Arms. We spoke to the pair about upcoming single ‘Nang’, the EP and more.

We’ve seen teasers of a video for ‘Nang’ shot by 90BRO, what can we expect from the first NE Dons visual? Must be a big track for you to choose it as your first video? 
(NE-O) If you ask me it’s the best track we’ve made to date, we haven’t even seen what the video looks like yet but it’s apparently done so we’ll be dropping the track on all major platforms in the next week or so.
(Castle) Yeah it really feels like we’ve stepped up a level on this on, so it felt like the right time to get a video sorted. Just proper looking forward to getting it out there now, It’s shows the kind of quality we’re going for on the EP.

What’s the latest update on the EP? 
(N) Since we love Nang so much we’ve changed the name of the EP to Nang, and the final 2 tracks left to record will be done by the end of this week. So we’re hoping for a July release before the Kamakaze show.
(C) Aye it’s great to finally be getting all the loose ends tied up. Even though it’s took a bit longer than we originally thought, I think the extra work we’ve put in has improved the EP massively.

You managed to get a part-performance of 0191 with most of the features at Meet The North. Are you planning on getting anyone in during your set to do it again?
(N) Not sure who’s gonna be there, If there are enough people there then yeah definitely, won’t be quite the same without everyone else though, the track’s almost finished (missing one verse now) so you’s will get the full thing pretty much once it’s mastered.
(C) It’s always good to perform the track live with a few of the people with us, but we won’t know till the day who’s going to be about. Now almost all of the features are in, the tracks sounding great. Everyone has smashed their verses, can’t wait to drop the full version.

Which other acts are you excited to catch at Evolution Emerging?
(N) Pretty much all of the other rap acts, particularly Zico because I’ve never seen him do this type of set I’ve only seen him MC’ing on jungle and DnB etc. Also Ronin Clan because I’ve only heard good things about their live performances
(C) Aye i’m just the same, there’s a really strong line up for rap acts this year. 

If you could one other act to the Evolution Emerging line-up, who would it be? 
(N) 90BRO, HB, NATO, Blitz
(C) HB or NATO would be class 

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