Fest Pest: Jamilah Evolution Emerging Q&A

This June, Evolution Emerging celebrates ten years of showcasing the North East’s best up-and-coming local music talents. Based in the Ouseburn across prestigious venues such as The Cluny, Tyne Bar and The Tanners Arms, Evolution Emerging 2018 features headliners such as The Pale White, Martha and Cape Cub. 

R&B-pop queen Jamilah will be bringing her charismatic charm to The Cumberland Arms for the BBC Introducing in the North East. The Jarrow singer has been on quite a run in the last six months with the success of ‘Insta’ and new single ‘If Its Love’ looks to follow suit. We spoke to Jamilah about ‘If Its Love’, working with Reali-T & Naughty40 and Evolution Emerging.

It’s been about six weeks since you released your latest single, If Its Love, how has the reaction to it been for you?
There’s no feeling quite like the one you get when you release a new song/project! It’s so exhilarating and exciting but at the same the most nerve racking thing. The love for ‘If Its Love’ has been overwhelming!! The people are enjoying it, it’s getting radio play on my favourite station BBC Radio 1xtra and this is my first record to have ever been added to Spotify playlists (discover weekly & your release radar to name a couple) it’s going really well and it really warms my heart! I’m so glad I can make music that people can connect with!!

Reali-T has been very excitedly telling everyone in interviews that you two have a collaboration produced by Naughty40 on the way. What can you tell us about the track?
Ahhhh Reali-T, my fav!! Hahahahaha The track is a sexy one!! That’s all I’m gonna say! He smashed it!!! And I can’t wait to shoot the vid! The collaboration came about because he dissed me on the internet hahaha Naughty messaged me on Whatsapp and said ‘Jam I’m dropping a freestyle vid today and the artist mentions you! It’s funny though’ (or something along the lines) I was panicking cause I had no idea what to expect hahaha but his flows sick! He has so much charisma and he speaks the truth! There can only be one diva!! Working together after watching that freestyle vid and laughing till my stomach hurt, was a certified Go! 

Last time we seen you perform was at Reali-T & Naughty40’s EP launch. You were nervous beforehand playing in front of a mostly hip-hop crowd and then you stole the show. How are you feeling about performing at a festival where there’s loads of variety? Have you learnt anything from that last show which might determine your setlist?
Reali-T & Naughty40’s EP Launch!!! I was so nervous to perform that night! I proper didn’t think that the crowd would be interested in any slow jams, but it was one of my favourite performances this year I had so much fun and the crowd were so amazing! It’s epic seeing people enjoy your music and Your craft! I’m so excited for Evo now and the fact that there are going to be so many different genres/varieties of music there, makes it even more exciting! I’d love to be everyone’s cup of tea hahaha All I know for sure, is to not worry about what people might think and sing my little heart out.

Which other acts are you excited to catch at Evolution Emerging?
I can’t wait to see Reali-T at Evolution Emerging. It’s so refreshing watching him perform and it feels like the first time every time I see him!! I’m also really excited to watch Leddie MC! 

If you could add one other act to the Evolution Emerging line-up, who would it be?
If I could add another act to Evo Emerging it would have to be Noble Dan! I’ve known him for years and also had the pleasure of working with him. He’s a very sick artist and such a lovely person. He’d definitely do a job on stage at the festival!!

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