Fest Pest: Ceiling Demons Music Box Q&A

For the third consecutive year, Darlington’s premier DIY music festival returns. Music Box features 35 acts across six stages with headliners including Endem, Moodbay and Cape Cub. Richmond representers Ceiling Demons will be headlining the SoapBox stage at Music Box which also features The Yada Yada Yadas, The Circus Villains and Swears.

The alternative hip-hop group fronted by twin brothers Psy and Dan will be using Music Box as a pre-launch for the vinyl release of their Nil LP. Having already existed as an album, Ceiling Demons are releasing Nil as a vinyl via Butterfly Effect, an independent label based in Darlington, alongside mental health charity Men Tell Health. We spoke to the duo about the release, the reaction their latest single and more. 

You’re launching the vinyl for Nil at Music Box, does that mean your set is all going to be tracks from the album?
With Butterfly Effect being a Darlington based label, we thought Music Box would be the perfect platform for the pre-launch of the LP. Predominately we’ll be focusing on performing material from Nil and perhaps a track or so from the bonus CD included with the deluxe editions.

You’ve released Without Certainty as a single ahead of the vinyl release, how have you found the reaction to the track?

The reception for Without Certainty has been good so far with plays from the likes of yourself at Spark, Amazing Radio, 6 Music, BBC Tees & York Introducing among others. Although alternative in nature, it’s ideal for radio with it being under 3 minutes long. The track has had some nice coverage online too and there’s a video which will be out soon, shot by our friend Nick Gaven.

If someone is going to Music Box but has never heard your music, what would you recommend as a good starting point?

For anyone heading to the festival this weekend, a good starting point regarding our music would be Nil. It’s a body of work we’re incredibly proud of and as mentioned it will be a big part of our set. The recorded document and the live performance are two different sides of the coin, that being the artifact and the ritual. We’re pleased if either hit a chord with people.

Who else is performing on the Soapbox stage that you’re excited to catch?

Caught Circus Villains at Music Box last year and they were tip-top! There’s a Richmond connection too as their drummers from our neck of the woods so hoping to catch them. We played with Swears at Stockton Calling this year and they blew us away with their energy and musicianship, looking forward to witnessing them again & The Yada Yada Yadas have been doing well recently n’all.

Are there any acts performing on another stage that you want to see?

There’s so many acts we’d like to catch this weekend! Recommendations have to include Jennifer Walton, Moodbay, Endem, Rex Regis, Leddie MC, J.P. Riggall, Twist Helix, Swine Tax & of course Mouses! Heard nothing but good things about Dead Naked Hippies and hoping to catch 90BRO’s set! We’ll see how the day unfolds but regardless it’s a glorious occasion to celebrate the North East’s rich local music scene. Salute to Tracks & David Saunders for bringing us all together.

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