Fest Pest: Shakk Music Box Q&A

For the third consecutive year, Darlington’s premier DIY music festival returns. Music Box features 35 acts across six stages with headliners including Ceiling Demons, Moodbay and Cape Cub. Legitimate Anarchy’s Endem will be headlining the BeatBox stage at Music Box which also features 90BRO, Rex Regis and Leddie MC. 

Since his return to music earlier this year, Shakk has been making massive waves. The Teesside MC’s comeback has reminded old fans how good he can be while also accumulating new followers along the way. With two new freestyles providing warm up’s for the EP expected for release this month, Shakk is going to be one of the most exciting acts in the North East this summer. We spoke to the rapper about his return, the EP and more. 

Shakk - I AM YOU EP Cover Art and Tracklist
You’ve just released two new freestyles on Facebook and announced an EP is on the way. How much of the EP are we going to hear at Music Box?
You will hear the majority of my EP at Music Box. I want to keep my set high paced and fun so I’ve hand picked my tracks to do just that. I have the early slot but I’m going their with the intention of earning a chance to headline next year so I can promise you that I’ll be leaving it all on the stage on Sunday.

In an interview with RideMusic you’ve said that live shows are the best part about being an artist. How much of the music you make, is made for the purpose of performing it?

All of my music is made to be performed. Deep down that’s what I am. I am a performer. It’s what I have been doing since I was 13 years old. I’m here to put on a show and to give the people a taste of something they’ve never seen or heard before. 

If someone is going to Music Box but has never heard your music, what would you recommend as a good starting point?

My EP will be available on all digital platforms from June 6! Until then I would recommend listening to Liquid Water and Messi. You can find them on my Facebook page or my YouTube channel.

Who else is performing on the BeatBox stage that you’re excited to catch?

I’d have to say my fellow Smoggie, Leddie. I don’t think I’ve actually seen her perform yet. I’m looking forward to cheering her on. I’m very excited to see 90BRO too. 

Are there any acts performing on another stage that you want to see?

I’m going to be wandering around listening to the best this region has to offer on all the stages. I love events like these. It really gives us an opportunity to see first hand the vibrancy of the North East Music scene. 

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