Fest Pest: Endem Music Box Q&A

For the third consecutive year, Darlington’s premier DIY music festival returns. Music Box features 35 acts across six stages with headliners including Mouses, Moodbay and Cape Cub. Rex Regis will be returning for a second year playing the BeatBox stage at Music Box which also features Shakk, 90BRO and Leddie MC. 

Endem will also be headlining the BeatBox stage at Music Box. The Legitimate Anarchy representative was a highlight of the 2017 incarnation and having been promoted to headline for 2018 is a must-see this year. Having released ‘Planning Permission’ earlier this year with producer label-mate Leum, and already teasing new music to come, we caught up with Endem on what we can expect from his set, his progression up the Music Box bill and more. 

Last year your performance was a highlight of Music Box and this year you’re going to be headlining. Are you approaching this year any different because you’re headlining?
Thank you. My approach will be no different because of positioning on the card. Over the course of the year the way I perform on and off track has changed, especially with my now stronger than ever working relationship with Leum. We will be bringing our A game out of our respect for both the music and Mr Saunders for giving us the opportunity. This gig was one of my first ever and I started on the bottom of the card two years ago as a trio. To have moved up to the headline slot is humbling. Shout out Dave every time.

Earlier this year you released Planning Permission but you’ve also been teasing new music, what can we expect from your set list? 
Since Planning Permission I’ve performed a few times, both new stuff and old and personally I feel more comfortable with the newer stuff. Not because I think its better but because with every track I/we write we become more comfortable with our content and who we are as musicians. Its just natural evolution of an artist. We work rather fast so this happens suddenly, hence I feel more comfortable with recent projects. That being said there are a few tracks on Planning Permission that people really enjoy live because of the raw energy so I will mix it up, however expect more new than old.

If someone is going to Music Box but has never heard your music, what would you recommend as a good starting point?
Planning Permission. That project is where I found my musicality both in technical knowledge and in Leum. Everything before that was me learning as Mc not progressing as an artist. You look at something from the ‘Anything You Can Do’ EP we released as a trio alongside Spekz and Tommo you wouldn’t think it the same person behind the microphone so 100 percent, Planning Permission. 

Who else is performing on the BeatBox stage that you’re excited to catch?
I helped David assemble the acts for that stage so all of them. Seen them all live and rate each one highly. Particularly Leddie. She has been putting in work lately and I’m excited to hear what’s next and how she’s progressing. Oh and Rex, love his stage manner.

Are there any acts performing on another stage that you want to see?

Ceiling Demons, MoodBay and Mouses. Heard amazing things but have never caught the latter two live. Ceiling Demons I just love they’re performance because they actually put on a show. 

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