Q&A: Brudda Xhale talks UKBRG

2017 proved to be a pivotal year for UK battle rap. After a long reign at the top of the mountain, Don’t Flop imploded quicker than an avalanche. With the demise of Don’t Flop, many feared the end of battle rap in the UK. Instead, the opposite has occurred. There’s a new beginning, a renaissance of sorts. While King Of The Ronalds continues to thrive with its unique charm an assortment of other leagues have emerged. DubScandal and Rap Is Full are in great shape at the start of 2018 as they look to build upon foundations laid in 2017. Chalked Out and Code Red appear primed to compete to become the UK’s number one league and Premier Battles has the potential to revolutionise the culture worldwide.

If you’re someone who followed Don’t Flop and grew frustrated with the lack of uploads, you may be wondering how to keep up with UK battle rap in a time where so much change is occuring. UK Battle Rap Group is the answer. Created by Brudda Xhale, a well known and respected fan, ‘UKBRG’ has become the hub for UK battle fans to discuss new uploads, predict upcoming events and much more. There’s also a ‘Like Page’ for those not necessarily fans of forums, but wanting to keep up to date with new events and more.

‘Like’ the UKBRG page, ‘Join’ the UKBRG group and read below for more on UKBRG and Brudda Xhale.

2017 was an unusual year for UK Battle Rap with the exodus of Don’t Flop and rise or creation of multiple other leagues. Do you have any thoughts on where UK Battle Rap is heading in 2018?
Currently battle rap is going in a new and refreshing direction. We have new leagues such as Chalked Out, Code Red and Premier Battles all putting together fire cards. King of the Ronald’s are still continuing their ever funny antics and putting on top class battles such as Tony vs Hulk and Kinell vs Pedro. Rap is Full is putting Ireland on the map with new comers like Terminal and Podge impressing massively. Don’t Flop was massive for the UK but with all these leagues contributing and putting on incredible cards we need not worry. Big up UKBR.

Why did you set up the UK Battle Rap Group?
This group was created to bring all battle rap fans and battle rap leagues together. A place where we could actually help build and support UKBR together. It’s a common ground so people can discuss battles from all leagues, no divide, all unity.

What’s the hardest thing about running UKBRG?
There’s no real downside. It is a lot easier now we have a team put together.

What’s the best thing about running UKBRG?
It’s nice to know that it is helping UKBR, i see people talking about different leagues and people trying out new leagues. People posting that their going to their first event is amazing. Not every league is gonna be for everyone but we have such a diversity of leagues and battlers that can be enjoyed.

Considering Rap Is Full’s involvement in the group, is there any considering of a name change to UK & Ireland Battle Rap Group? Why?
Rap is Full are our brothers, they do amazing things for Ireland and are consistently growing their talents. It’s important to get them involved as their talent is filling UK cards and quickly becoming household names. The name change isn’t something I feel is needed as Rap is Full know they are part of the family.

You’ve recently set up a ‘like’ page for UKBRG, why?
The page is to help reach that wider audience. There’s just under 3000 members in our forum and most fans don’t like the forums environment. This page was designed to keep everyone up to date with current UKBR news and we have the UK league owners on board and their social media guys are on the page to share their leagues content as well.

How do you think being a member of UKBRG improves the experience of being a battle rap fan?
I’d hope it would help the battle rap fan, we update the forum and page with all events, battle releases, ticket links, ppvs etc., I feel for a fan pf UKBR we have it covered. The rest comes down to your own individual experience with the forum.

If someone reading this is intrigued by UK Battle Rap – what advice would you give to them for getting involved as a fan?
Get to a local event. Actually see the community that’s been built here. It’s a family environment and everyone has time for everyone. Battlers engage with fans at events and it makes a better experience. Watch battles on YouTube, we have such a wide variety of battler that I do believe there is enough to cater for everyone.

Which 2017 UK rap battle would you recommend to someone who has never watched a UK rap battle before?
There’s a few and speaking in terms of ones i think a new fan could watch and grasp id say Bobby Rex vs Dialect.

What was the first UK rap battle you watched? Was that the battle that made you a fan? If not, what was?
I’m actually not too sure on the first official uk battle i watched as i used to watch a lot of the WRC’s , i was fascinated by grindtime and smack dvd battles and then i saw the uk side of things. I liked a lot of uk battlers back then but it was when Oshea first appeared on my YouTube i fell in love with UKBR.

What is your favourite battle of all time?
My favourite UK battle of all time is probably Oshea vs Flex Digits. International wise my favourite is Kid Caustic vs Cadalack Ron.

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