#PassTheAux: Alex Bailey

TheRootMusic followers will know Alex Bailey for his production work, especially with Leddie MC. Although we’ve also covered some of his own vocal music too which is of an equal quality, ‘Asprinations’ in particular is worth a listen from his latest released. The producer-rapper is the latest to take the aux, and showcase his pua waxxa music taste. He says:

“I’ve done a few records in my time. Most of them you’ll have either never heard of, or my presence on them will have gone unnoticed, partially by design…for a musician I’m particularly backwards in coming forwards. I’m most at home quietly in the back, doing the legwork and composition that makes great songs work as a record and fortunately, I’ve had loads of great ones to work on.

My music taste tends to comprise of a little bit of everything. I love hip-hop, but it’s goes through the aux cable a little less than it used to. Working with bands changed everything I thought I knew about production. I tend to think more like a songwriter than a beatmaker in my work now, I shy away from traditional sampling and harmonic progressions or even changing things like chord progressions (I know!) never used to enter my head all that often. These days, it’s pretty much all I think about when I’m working on a record. I try to use theory, but if it sounds good, it goes in.

Anyway, here’s what I’m listening to at this point, hopefully you’ll catch something you haven’t heard before!”

(Click Here for Apple Music or see below for Spotify)

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