Seek The Northerner Responds To Reali-T Interview

Following our interview with Reali-T a lot of people have commented or got in touch with us with their individual reactions to some of the things he said. The main talking point for the interview was Reali-T’s relationship with Northentic Records. Label head Seek The Northerner responded to the interview via blog comment exclaiming his respect for Reali-T, explaining the mission statement for Northentic Records and expands upon the financial situation within the label:

“Ill say this….. Reali-T is a nice guy and i still want to work with him. Money has never been the goal for Northentic…the Northentic Mission Statement was always clear that money would be charged for tracks. Northentic was very clear in the mission statement that we do not want a percentage…all the money goes back to the artist and if they want to donate something then that’s up to them. People then asked how does Northentic benefit….Nothentic benefits from the support of its artist in promotion….thats it….plain and simple. I think the issue was that the mission statement wasn’t read. The money that has been made is very very minimal at the moment and Bandcamp Statements and passwords were clearly offered to all artists so they can see exactly who has earned what….im very very transparent with that stuff….because it really has never been about money…..because i’ve been in this long enough and know the history of legends like CHester P, Skinnyman, Blade etc……who have made feck all. As a label we are working towards getting new releases out very soon….but so far we have been promoting artists older stuff….only Morgz has put a track out so far. I have put 2 remixes out….the Scorzayzee Remix EP, and the Cypher Snipers remix. The mission statement also asked artists omn Northentic to fully support each other and put loads of effort into promoting each other. Those who weren’t doing it were asked to do so….if they didnt i asked why…because that’s what they signed up for. Northentic is a new style of label / collective in the sense that money isn’t the goal….i couldn’t care one little bit about making money….. My job pays enough to keep my house warm and feed my child…and that’s all that matters to me. Any money that gets donated back to Northentic via any artist who wants to….goes into promotion and development. I’m not gonna comment on Sutherland….. he has an idea of his path and that’s fair enough…i think he should of communicated any worries he may have had though….and then he would have been asked to look at the mission statement he was sent on the first day…… the part that says if any money is made you have a choice to donate back to northentic…..that makes it very clear that money would be charged for the music. Thanks. Seek.”

We’ve since reached out to Seek for further comment on the matter, watch out for a Q&A coming soon.

You can listen to our interview with Reali-T below:

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