#TipTuesday: St. Buryan

In a world where it seems anyone and everyone is a musician, its hard to filter the class from the shite amidst all the over-saturation. Every Tuesday, TheRootMusic is bringing you some of the best up-and-coming musicians. As always TheRootMusic will focus upon hip-hop and grime but will occasionally venture into other genres for musicians of a particular pedigree. This week we bring to you St. Buryan.

An indie-pop five-piece based in the North East of England, St. Buryan have been building quite the buzz over the past few months. At the tail end of 2017 the band were on a strong run of gigs after a couple critically acclaimed single releases and look to pick up in 2018 where they left off last year. 

Having worked alongside the band’s drummer Rhys at Spark – a community radio station based in Sunderland – my first introduction to St. Buryan came as I covered for The Local Music Show which Rhys presents. At this point, I don’t think I had met Rhys, and had no idea he was a musician himself never mind apart of St. Buryan. 

The introduction came as I was trying to not turn the show into a hip-hop show, knowing the North East is more synonymous with guitar led indie bands. As such, I tried to feed more indie into the show and came across St. Buryan’s ‘Amaretto’ which had recently been added to the radio station’s music library. 

Whilst indie-pop isn’t necessarily my forte, good music is good music regardless of genre. ‘Amaretto’ is simply, a tune. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to hear music from St. Buryan afterwards. As a result of many of the members attending different universities, the band took a brief hiatus. 

Coming back with a bang, St. Buryan unleashed the brilliant ‘Everything I Said.’ We didn’t have to wait another eighteen months for the next release with ‘Lucid’ coming two months later, and ‘Forget To Love’ four months later. With dates all over Newcastle and Sunderland, they’ve more than made up for their absence ensuring local musos paid attention to them. 

With all the momentum in their favour and influential support from key local music figures, St. Buryan are set for their biggest year yet. Hopefully, I’ll finally catch them live in 2018. 

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