Pass The Aux: DJ A.D.S

Here at TheRootMusic we pride ourselves on supporting good music. In today’s market its impossible to catch everything being released now, nevermind going back to appreciate the classics. Sometimes its hard to filter out the hype from the genuine artistry but luckily we’ve got friends. Whether its the latest bangers or forgotten gems, TheRootMusic aims to invite our fellow music nerds to ‘Pass The Aux’ and highlight some of their favourite songs. 

Way back in August whilst we were celebrating local music month, DJ A.D.S got involved. You can find the Newcastle based DJ’s mixes on mixcloud, his beats on Soundcloud, and his videos on YouTube. Here are 12 local to the North East of England tracks, A.D.S reckons you should check out…

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This has been one of my favourite tracks from the North East from the moment I first heard it. An amazing beat from Lims is perfectly complemented by Spuggy (Aka Grem!i da Muke)  At that time not many NE tracks had videos either, so good job on getting this whole project together back then.
Grem!i is awesome at painting a perfect picture of ‘life up North’ and really capturing some of the nuances of the British working classes.
“But all the angels with clipped wings, their holding on with slipping finger tips…”  Pure poetry.
The whole track and video are perfect in my opinion.
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Not sure about Lims Puff Daddy style dancing though.

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This video absolutely blew me away when it came out! Think it was the first solo Chattabox track I heard after he moved away to Bristol and the song is insane! The beat is brilliant, an awesome sample really done justice, then Chatta just lets fly with beautiful word play, again painting brilliantly grim imagery that just captures the vibe of growing up in little Britain. Have to give a massive shout out to my man Petamax! Such a genuine legend in the North East, and probably my favourite North East Producer.

Knew this beat was a banger when I made it and it also got used for a Cypher Ft. Rick Fury, Deej, Just B, H-Man & Gillyman.
The original beat had a wee Jazzy breakdown for 4 bars every 16, I think just because the beat was so banging I thought it needed a break!   But B asked me to cut that part out and let it rock, and he knew what he was doing because the song is intense and I am really proud of my contribution to this track.  As a side note, I first met B when he was about 15/16 through my work.  He was a Rave MC then and I was running a session up in Ashington with Ken Masters, even though he was MCing to Makina me and Kenny were both amazed by his flow and ability to flip his lyrics, I remember he used to get these weird triples out in his flow it was insane!!!  We used to blag him to MC over Hip Hop all the time and I’m really pleased that seemed to have an effect! 

Love this Tune! Proper North East Banger from back in the day! Seen this Lads perform this many times across the region, from both behind the decks and in the crowd and it always kills! Funny watching this video now because I definitely remember thinking how the fuck have they got these super advanced Video effects!!! Shit they must be paying out some coin for these bad boys!!! Reminds me of older more innocent times and yet it still sounds fresh. Look out for the new album out soon, had the pleasure of hearing most of it during our rehearsals for the Lil Easy-E gig and it is sounding incredible!

Obviously there are loads of Ken’s tunes I could have picked, and for many reasons, as he is probably the pioneer of North East Hip Hop.  There were a handful of peeps back then, but his commitment to the scene right up until this very day sets him apart as something a wee bit special for me.  I choose this one because it represents Newcastle’s amazing pedigree in the Breaking world. As Rappers we sometimes feel a bit over looked in the North East, but we have one of Best Breakdance crews in the UK as residents here (Bad Taste Cru) and Battalions Crew (All Local Lads) who have been winning comps and competing all over Europe.  I just feel the gap between the elements of hip hop in the region are so disconnected despite many people working to promote these cross genre events and links.  Let’s work together people and really put the North East on the UK Hip Hop Map – Graf writers, Breakers, DJs/Producers and MCs!
Anyway the beat is an absolute beast! I think Ken is definitely one of the best producers in the North East and don’t think he gets enough credit for his beats.  I was also really pleased with my Scratching on this track. 
See you all at Just Jam this year!!! 

Loved this track straight away, it’s a real shame that the original video (dir. Night Light) has been removed from YouTube for some reason, because it was amazingly creepy and really added to the track as a good video should do. What can I say about the Projekt….. Dope Mcs, quality & catchy choruses (a rare thing in the NE scene) and absolute mad bastards! Not sure if they ever managed to capture their brilliance on stage as it usually dissolved into a drunken argument but they were the real deal and I am also loving some of the new stuff they are doing and Rekons new solo stuff.

Again loved this tune as soon as I heard it, remember playing it on cassette tape in my car!
Such a sick beat by SUB and buckets used to be very close to my heart back in the day. Love the flute samples as anyone who has heard Mixtape Brothers album will know. 
Literally could have picked any song off this album as it is pure dope, but the combination of the wicked beat, amazing syllable rhymes, Stig feature, flutes, weed samples, overtones of Bucktown Bu Smiff N Wesson and again a quality chorus…. deadly combination

Again I’m sure there are better tunes by Reali-T, lyrically and production wise, but I remember hearing this a few years back and being like….. Who is this GUY? I loved the cheekiness which is something I always enjoy at a Reali-T Show, He is a showman, A very humble one! But he is a great performer for me.  I didn’t know who he was or anything about him but I remember being terrified that we would all be robbed be this scary Cockney Geezer, but seriously loved how he had funny relevant bars for so many NE emcees, can’t even remember who played me it or where I heard it but I’ll always remember it as a quality track and I’ve recently had the pleasure of Djing a few times for his sets and his new material is mint too.  

Had to put the lads in here!  When I first made the beat I didn’t even like it! It was just a bit dowdy and didn’t seem to go anywhere, but Deej loved it and wrote this awesome chorus and his first verse.  After that, I went back in and rejigged the beat a bit and got my mate Paul Frazer on the keys with that beautiful piano riff, then by the time we got Sophie singing on the chorus it was such a good song I was amazed what we had done!  I also really like how the video gives a shout out to as many people as I had footage of at the time! Pretty much everyone in the scene 5 years ago! Haha

Absolute banger! Again the beat is slamming and I love the story that every NE rapper can probably relate to and the way the track builds. Chatta’s story telling is great on this track and I remember seeing the band perform this live at Hoochie Coochie a few years ago it was possibly even better live!  I have always been really impressed with Chattabox’s flow and delivery and also the content and song writing ability, this is not bars over a beat.  (Which is probably one of the themes of this list, I hate hearing an un- sequenced loop just repeating and a rapper spitting 128 bars or something, no chorus, no breakdown, no theme, no dynamics it’s just not interesting for me, rant over)
The amazing animated video deserves a mention too, written & directed by Mister Crisp with a crew of incredibly talented people over one very intense month in July 2013 at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.
I also recall playing this on the Skrufz podcast when it came out but I had a different mix that I got of Chat that I think I preferred to the one that was released. (some episode still not banned from the Internet)  
I was quite stuck as I wanted to pick a few things from the Chatmonster  They Call Me and Chattabox & Samuel Otis – Rugged Brothers (Prod By Sober) also heavy rotation tunes.

First off the beat is outstanding! So massive respect to Petamax, taken from Deej’s ‘Stolen Beats and swollen egos’ album.
This track is another perfect tune for me, the combination of Deej and Rick is so good on this track I think it spawned a concept album called ‘Battery powered Smash Monsters’ which has never been completed! (But as a little teaser there are 4 tracks already recorded and hopefully more to come from these two douche clonks) think Rick spits a verse from this project on the Cypher above with Just B.  I recorded the lyrics and when we got Nicola in on the chorus vocals again it really lifted the track and made it a brilliant song. I also had a right laugh at the video shoot, once again props to Night Light, Air guns and baby powder!

I really wanted to choose something from earlier Earl stuff (Aka E-Quip) as I always felt he was an amazing rapper, and had an incredibly individual style that was somewhere between rapping, singing and sort of mumbling slightly! He was way ahead of his time and I have always looked up to his beats, DJ skills and especially the way he delivers his rhymes.  Wish there was more stuff available online, his impromptu vol I & II EPs were class too, find them if you can.

Really like a lot of stuff I hear from both these guys, and I was instantly drawn to this track as I sampled the same track a few years ago but nothing happened with it, dope sample and worked very nicely by Naughty, who again is killing it at the moment with loads of top quality beats and production! Props to Green Ranger on the visuals as the video captures the mood of the track very well and adds to the feel.  Sutherland reminds me of a young Chattabox and I love his flow and personally on this one.  90Bro continues to impress me every time I hear new stuff from him, and in the few conversation I have had with him he has blown me away with his knowledge and cultural references and this really comes across in a good way in his lyrics. Looking forward to more from these two …
Props to Lil Ann, such a dope sample.

Had to have something from the big man! Unfortunately there’s no link for this one at the time of writing, although I have seen the Video and it is amazing! Shout out to Oliver Whitehouse (Sektion Red)
I chose this one to represent the whole ‘For The Heads’ Album, it is incredibly well structured and getting to see firsthand the attention to detail and outstanding knowledge of the genre that Gilly has, it should have come as no surprise.  I was brought in late on the project to record the vocals for this awesome Petamax beat and mix and master the rest of the tracks to bring the whole album together.  I also had a great afternoon at the peak of Moron Mountain picking and recording the scratch quotes for the third verse, where we went back to back on the cuts.  Rick’s verse was actually written a good few years before this and we have performed it live loads but it seemed to fit perfectly on this track.  I am very proud to have been a part of bringing this album together and I really think this track is a top quality UK hip hop banger and a proper North East anthem by to genuine legends of this scene.
Checkout all the other videos from the ‘For The Heads’ Album here.

Anyone that has tried to do collabs in the scene with appreciate how difficult it can be to get people together and work on a project, get everyone on the same vibe and get it all recorded! So I was really pleased to get some of my favourite emcees from the North East together on this track and massive props to White Elephant for pulling the video together too.  Little NEHH fact Y-Not used to be part of the Skrufz and was known as Anonymous before he hooked up Dialect. Props to Colours Newcastle, Mudfoot Blaps, Sune, Mr Zee, Si2 and more for the lethal graf backdrops and of course we had to have the obligatory High Level Bridge shot!  Also a nice memory for me to see my Dog Sniff (R.I.P) rocking his 3 leg skank! He lost a leg to cancer when he was 2 then only lived another year, but sure he’ll never forget the high of being in this video! And apologies to Ken who was absolutely soaked through after filming his verse! Plus an early Lego Scarface sample on the intro too! 
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Respect to everyone doing their thing in the Newcastle music and art scene.

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