Gig Guide: Kay Greyson Headlines Chat Trust Showcase At o2 Academy Newcastle

What are North East promoters going to do now Kay Greyson is waving goodbye to the region as she migrates south for University? The Newcastle rapper proved a reliable performer for gigs across the city, supporting the likes of Akala, DJ Yella and KRS One. It’ll be interesting to see which artists get the call to take her place – but before she leaves us, she’s giving us one last show.

Apparently, she’s going to be performing a “greatest hits” show, but as long as I hear her ‘Not From Round Here Wor Kid’ verse one more time I’ll be happy. The event at the o2 Academy in Newcastle on Tuesday 5th September is not only Kay Greyson’s last North East gig for a few years – it’s a showcase of Chat Trust.

TheRootMusic recently spoke to Kay Greyson and her older half-brother Rex Regis about the importance of Chat Trust, as it faces potential closure. Having played a pivotal role in North East hip-hop, Chat Trust is now looking to donations to keep it going. If the press run Rex has been on isn’t enough to convince people to donate, this showcase certainly will be.

Giving us his own preview of each act on the bill, Rex speaks on Kay Greyson bringing “the fire like only the Golden Fleece can.” According to Rex we should expect “high energy” but a “very emotional set incoming as she looks to blow the roof off one more time.”

Also on the line-up is I, Daniel Blake star, Kema Kay. Rex explains “Big K has recently become close friends with Kay alongside J Smirk so it only made sense that Kema took to the stage too. Performing from his LP ‘Footprints’, Kema plans to light the stage ablaze.”

Max Gavins will be “bringing track from ‘1994’ with a cameo from 90BRO,” according to Rex, Max has been a friend of Kay, Rex and Chat for a number of years “so this slot was easy to fill” thank to his constant support.” Not only making a cameo on Max’s set however, 90BRO will also be on DJ duties which Rex teases is “also an easter egg for another potential show.”

Max confirms, “I’ll be playing a mix of songs from my album ‘1994’ along with a couple of exclusive” before explaining why he agreed to be apart of the show: “I agreed to get involved not just because it’ll be cool to give Kay a good send off, but because it’s for such a good cause. I have physically seen the difference chat has had on some people lives and it simply has to continue. They all work incredibly hard so anything I can do for them is always a yes from me.”

Rex isn’t short on friends in the local hip-hop circuit but has tapped J-Man to be “the host with the most.” Rex says J-Man will “open the show with his track ‘Hip Hop.’ Of course Rex doesn’t fail to reel off the young artists coming through Chat Trust. Apparently Chat is bringing “some of its current brightest stars including: Swish, SD, Solo, Cameron Sparks, Beth and Brett”

Speaking on his own performance: “Well of course the big bro was gonna be on this list. Smash mouth, in your face, dirty style will be all over the stage while taking us down memory lane” before teasing once more he’ll “be joined by members of Gypsy Lipstick and maybe one more guest.”

With the star-studded line-up, £5 for this gig is an absolute steal. Whether you’re going to give Kay a good send off, or to support Chat Trust, humble as ever, “rather than a show about me leaving,” Kay says “I want it to be like a teaser for my big return.”

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