Pass The Aux 011: Rhys Melhuish

Throughout August 2017, TheRootMusic is celebrating hip-hop and grime scene in the North East of England as part of ‘Local Music Month.’ As part of this we have contacted a range of artists, DJs, and other behind-the-scenes individuals to ‘Pass The Aux’ and express some of their personal favourite music releases.

Rhys Melhuish is a musician in his own right as the drummer for St. Buryan. He’s perhaps more well known as the voice and head of Spark’s Local Music Show. He’s confessed himself in the past that hip-hop and grime isn’t necessarily his forte but has seemingly grown to it a lot over the past year. Rhys is taking over today’s Pass The Aux.

Reali-T – Bounce (If You Want To)Going to start off with what can only be described as one of my favourite ever hip-hop tracks, not least from a local artist. As well as being ridiculously catchy, the lyrics throughout the track are very witty and clever. It’s not often I find myself laughing out loud when listening to a track, but this one does the trick. Top stuff (as per) from Tomi Ayilara. Mark Barzin ft. Baron Von Alias – The FightI’m not sure just how much this can be classified as a hip-hop track, but I’m giving it a slot anyway. Mark Barzin has a habit of producing excellent songs, but this collaboration with Baron Von Alias is just epic. A pounding beat with catchy melodies, saturated with BVA’s excellent vocals throughout. Love it! ABSORB – Triple X HellOne of my favourite local artists, not just for his musical ability, but for his work ethic and support to the rest of his scene. Absorb opts against a chorus in this track and instead lays down 03:38 of his typically brilliant bars. I’ll always have a lot of time for Absorb, and this track justifies why. Jister + The Lion Ranger – Super RidiculousI can barely keep up with these guys throughout this track but I always enjoy the ride! The vocals come thick and fast at you and are complimented brilliantly by the backing music which gets stuck in your head in its own right. If only it were a minute or so longer… Leddie MC – You Don’t Know MeOne hell of a toe-tapper. Take a browse through the comments on this track’s SoundCloud link and you’ll get my thoughts summed up nicely. You Don’t Know Me has an epic flow throughout and is sure to be a track you’re going to want to repeat over and over again. The Great and the Magnificent – When I’m GoneGoing to end on more of a mellow choice in comparison to the rest of the tracks I’ve selected, but I absolutely adore this. I could listen to When I’m Gone on repeat for hours on end, the harrowing music alongside the emotional vocals serves a real treat every time. Can’t recommend it enough, and the same goes for TGATM as a whole. Sutherland – ParalysisYou know what you’re going to get with Sutherland. Solid beats with relentless vocals that hook you immediately. One thing that helps Sutherland stand out is the stories he tells and issues he faces through his lyrics. This track in particular explores the concept of sleep paralysis and is excellently put together. The chorus alone is catchy enough to keep you up at night! Max Gavins – Mic AshleyI always have time for Newcastle United references in my music, and our native Bants-el Mbemba takes that up a notch expertly with Mic Ashley. 1994 as a whole is a brilliant album, but this track in particular has always stood out. The idea of doing what you do and not caring what anyone else makes of it is one we can all get behind. I do hope Mike gets his hand in his pocket for Rafa soon, mind… Blitz – SlanderOne of Middlesbrough’s finest hip-hop extraordinaires had to make it into my list here, and Slander serves as a well-placed middle finger to pretty much everyone who has ever looked down on anyone else, and it does so on top of a hefty bassline and a catchy chorus. What’s not to love about that? I’ve said enough. Done. Rex Regis + 90BRO + Kay Greyson – Not From Round Here Wor KidIf you’re from the North East yourself, it’s impossible not to adore this! Catchy and emphatic, with all three vocalists bringing something to table (and then some). Kay’s verses in particular are as impressive a response to unnecessary criticism I’ve ever heard. Makes me proud to be a Geordie! Eyeconic – New FlavourI’m always really intrigued by Eyeconic’s voice. It’s like the bizarre yet brilliant product of Darwin Deez becoming a hip-hop act. I’m certainly on board. Sink or Swim is another album which could serve up a number of excellent suggestions, but I’m going with this one. Just B – Vinnie JonesThe piano’s backing music may be a little repetitive but Just B’s vocals are anything but. I’ve no idea how he manages to fit so many syllables into such little space, but he does it not only with ease, but with excellence too. Vinnie Jones makes you eager to get out and enjoy those nights out that we’re all living for, right?

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