Pass The Aux 010: Rex Regis

Throughout August 2017, TheRootMusic is celebrating hip-hop and grime scene in the North East of England as part of ‘Local Music Month.’ As part of this we have contacted a range of artists, DJs, and other behind-the-scenes individuals to ‘Pass The Aux’ and express some of their personal favourite music releases.

A veteran in the hip-hop scene, Rex Regis has worked with a number of artists throughout his career. He’s nurtured and developed a number of younger artists coming through in recent years, so it was always going to be interesting to see who Rex would include for his Pass The Aux.

Simply put this is an anthem. Undervalued even by Rick himself. This song inspired me for songs like “You’re Not From Round Here & 0191”

This Be The Click – Sometimes

This hidden gem is on there album “An Am Out” and even tho An Am Out and Skeletor take most of the shine. Sometimes is a banger.

Suus – Prototype

Back when Max Gavins was a 15 year old Suus he grab the mic at RPM Records store and blow me away with this track. Still my favourite track of his to date.

Chattabox – Alreet

Chattabox is in my top 5 NE rappers easily and on the first track of his album he proved why. With the sick Beetlejuice sample running riot within the beat and Chatta’s frantic and multi style. It’s an absolute tune.

The Projekt – Wake Up

Similar to the reason’s why Suus’s Prototype is here. Wake Up was the first track I heard from these 3 guys. Sermstyle on the beat is a legend also. Bars and a “don’t give a F” attitude works for me.

Sutherland & Reali T – That Block

Difficult to say anything about this track that ain’t been said already. The hook, the melody of the instrumental and a mix of Suther and Mr T. It’s a tune and also cemented both these guys positions in my top rappers in the toon list.

Reali-T – Don’t Chat

Like Chatta’s Alreet. Don’t Chat immediately shows me why I’m a fan of Reali-T. His style, his flow and word play go hand in hand with Naughty 40’s world class beat.

U Call Me Sir – Bowser Is Back

I had the pleasure of working with Budds on both his “Valley Of The Broken Toys” & “Bastard English” He is a guy that is always challenging himself to be and do better each project he does. And when I first heard Browser Is Back I know “Bastard English” would be a classic.

Deej – Pit Yaka

This hidden jewel can’t be found at the minute even tho I have a copy of it, since I recorded it. But the dark beat and Deej’s presence is not to be ignored. I may have to leak this lol.

Baron Von Alias – Move Over

Heard this for the first time the same day I heard Wor Kid. Baron was always high in the food chain in Newcastle’s scene. And this tune was a banger and always has my head nodding even 6 years on.

The Great and The Magnificent – White Noise

Just before the whole “Big Beat Bronson” thing exploded. They dropped this track online. Very basic and straight to the point with the track and video. The beat is right up my street and Baron’s verse has some of the best opening lines I’ve heard.

Brainfeeders – If I Knew

Of course a track I was on had to make the list lol. But this is a story before it’s a rap record. 6 different points of view surrounding the same girl/love story. The process of the this track is better then the track it’s self. That’s why it holds such a big place in my heart.

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