Pass The Aux 008: Danny Riley

Throughout August 2017, TheRootMusic is celebrating hip-hop and grime scene in the North East of England as part of ‘Local Music Month.’ As part of this we have contacted a range of artists, DJs, and other behind-the-scenes individuals to ‘Pass The Aux’ and express some of their personal favourite music releases.

For day 8 of Local Music Month, our ‘Pass The Aux’ selector comes from an individuals who takes no active part in creating music for the hip-hop and grime scene. Danny Riley is a unique case of someone who is simply a fan. He doesn’t make his own music or blog about it, just shows up to gigs and shows his support…and occasionally claims to be Rick Fury’s stunt double. 

This is my favourite track by the duo. The beat is happy and melodic and the lyrical content and flow is on point. 

I heard this a while ago when Rick was first putting Lego Scarface together. I instantly loved the beat and Rick bodied it with his comedic bars. Favourite track from Lego Scarface. 

This track got me hooked on The Click. The beat is amazing and Jezza & Dubz go hard on it. 

Its my favourite track by Gilly, first one a heard by him and the second verse is possibly the best bars from NE in my opinion. “Try and place first up in the rat race but even if you win ya still a rat mate! I rest my case.”

The beat is insane! 90 & Reali-T got me gassed taking the piss out of the sceNE.

This is the best live track performance I’ve witnessed from a NE act. Skrufz are the originators of North East hip-hop in my opinion. 

Loving what he’s coming with fresh new stuff, on another hype to the rest. Watch this space. 

Westy beat instantly attracts the attention. Heard bits of Raza and Sutherland and definitley 2 to watch out for on big stuff!

The intro basically sums up Newcastle night life and what its like for night life up here. Gaz and Chat’s storytelling in on points and one of the first tracks I listened to when I started to listen to NE artists. 

Again, favourite track on the EP. Beat is just right for B and they both smash their verses. Upper echelon collab.

Love the beat, Max sounds class on it and Rex bodies his verse. Favourite off 1994.

Happy melodic vibe to the track. First track I heard from Stanza and made me want more. 

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