Pass The Aux 001: Mudfoot Blaps

Throughout August 2017, TheRootMusic is celebrating hip-hop and grime scene in the North East of England as part of ‘Local Music Month.’ As part of this we have contacted a range of artists, DJs, and other behind-the-scenes individuals to ‘Pass The Aux’ and express some of their personal favourite music releases. 

First up, on his birthday, Mudfoot Blaps. The Newcastle based DJ who holds expertise in D’n’B and old skool rave but has also shown a great deal of support for hip-hop and grime through his work with The CoMusica Arches. Most recently Mudfoot Blaps has also spearheaded The Bridge festival and a subsequent takeover of Lindisfarne Festival at the end of the month. 

Rick Fury – Metro Man 
Always one of my favourite Rick Fury tracks, all the more so as we included it in the Subway Moon project with the Jazz Passengers from New York and I ended up waiting in line for a burger with Debbie Harry as a result. 

K-Delight – Graffiti Lovers
One of the highest achieving turntablists to come out of the North East. I’ve got mad love for him cos he always reps for the writers, I love the album cover Chiba Love did for him with a Ken Masters character. 

Stig Of The Dump – Bar So Hard
Yeah for me Stig owns the fuck out of this beat. Everywhere I’ve dropped it people love it, Kanye who? Jay zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Just Jam International – One
The Bboy scene up here in incredible, and massive props must go out to the Bad Taste Cru and the Just Jam events they’ve been running for a decade. Ken Masters front this crew vid and name checks all the local crews in his own unmistakable style.

Billy Saga – Pe De Rima
I met Billy in Sao Paulo in 2013, we hit it off, painted a few walls, had a BBQ which kicked off a street cypher. It was madness, in a good way! Anyway we set up BR2UK which is a link between MCs and producers in Brazil with ones in the UK. This was the first track which is produced by our very own DJ A.D.S and features Billy Saga and Delfino Flow from Argentina. Any local MCs or producers wanna get involved, hit me up on Facebook!

Battalions ft. Drop Dead Fred – Humanity
Battalions rep the pillars, very talented kids coming through. Gettin up on walls, breakin on floors, spittin on the mics and even producing dope beats…is there nothing this crew can’t do? Props to local hero Drop Dead Fred guesting on this one.

Smoove ft. Ferank Manseed – The Revolution Will Be Televised
Acid Jazz classic, shouts to both Smoove and Ferank, two of the toon’s biggest characters who’s love and support for the local music scene and hip-hop is beyond question. Ferank has repped the underground with wit and grace as long as I’ve known him (and probably a bit before that), he’s currently recovering from a stroke so I just wanna send a big shout to him!

Just B – Vinnie Jones
I’ve followed Just B’s progress for years, it was clear how much talent was there the first time I heard him pick up a mic in the arches. This track marks a transition for him in my opinion, he steps out here the finished product ready to take on the UK scene as an equal. 

Verso – Half Notes Floating
Verso is one of my favourite DJs and producers in the North East. I’ve seen him work through a variety of guises through a variety of genres and his musicianship is more than evident, check him live if there’s any doubt. Or better still catch him on Ghetto Method radio every Monday with myself, Notorious D.A.V.E, DJ A.D.S. and JCB893.

Gilly Man Giro – Soul Crates
Love this beat, Gilly proves he’s as sick in the studio as he is on the mic. Can just have this looped on my heapdhones and proper trip to the psychedelic sounds. 

DJ Nex and the Skrufz – Ghetto Method
Collab with rave legend Mark Archer aka DJ Nex aka Nexus 21 aka Altern8 and local boys the Skrufz. Remix EP package included Lisbon based Geordie GP, The Evil Dr B’s Method Mixing twisting the Skrufz lyrics into pure darkness. You can still grab it as a free download here…

Kay Greyson – LSD
I gotta lotta love for Kay, she’s an artist in the truest sense. I know she courts controversy but all I can say is she’s certainly going the right way to prove the haters wrong. This tune is great live, but download her album and whack it on some headphones with a bit of extra bass. 

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