Skinny Living sheds light on overcoming depression with ‘Why’

As soon as it struck 00:01 on Friday morning, I cyber-ran to Apple Music’s ‘Best New Music’ playlist. Disappointed DJ Khaled’s ‘Grateful’ album had yet to be released on the streaming platform, I “settled” for the second song. Skinny Living’s ‘Why.’

I’ve made no secret of my own battle with mental health, and the way in which music has helped in overcoming my issues. More often than not however, it’s been rap music making me feel less isolated with a number of hip-hop artists offering insight to their struggles over the years. 

Skinny Living’s ‘Why’ may be the best non-rap song I have heard, both in terms of quality of music and accurate, reflective depiction of my own dealing with depression. In a behind the scenes clip for the official music video, frontman Ryan Johnston explains the use of his real sister in the video and how the setting reminded him of the source of the story.

The song itself is incredible. Offering a simple but relatable narrative of depression. The video adds another dimension to it, making it feel all the more real and personal – yet very much a shared experience. 

“How many suffer in silence because real men don’t cry…” 


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