Token announces new tour, magazine cover and hits million views milestone for Exception

Following his tour across Europe supporting Hopsin last month, Token is back. The rap prodigy has announced a new tour alongside the former Funk Volume artist, a magazine cover and hitting the 1 million views milestone for anti-bullying anthem ‘Exception.’
“Hopsin and I are touring in Canada next month. This is my first tour in Canada so I’m fucking pumped,” exclaims Token ahead of the tour. An assortment of tickets are available including the opportunity to get involved in a cypher with the Massachusetts MC. 
The young spitter explains “In case you don’t know what the cypher is, before every show I host a cypher with the fans. You’ll get a chance to rap/sing with me before the show as we film it. All the footage goes on my Facebook page. Hope to see my Canadian MC’s there!”
Alongside the tour announcement he has also been busy achieve a something which has “literally been a dream of mine for so long.” Token has been featured as the cover star for The Boston Globe. The premiere publication from his home state have written an in-depth piece on the ‘Doozy’ MC, about his journey in hip-hop from a thirteen year old rapping for Hopsin to a young man with a friends list that includes Mark Wahlberg. 
As if that weren’t enough, Token recently met up with VEVO to “slow down and break down” lyrics for ‘Doozy’. His latest single is picking up steam just as its predecessor ‘Exception’ just hit 1,000,000 on YouTube. 
Token thanks fans for their support but implores “I’m not done pushing Doozy. Still feel like more people need to see that shit. Keep sharing and let me know when you do! Let’s get that to 1,000,000 too! Love!”

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