Proj Derelik Takes Us On A ‘Walk In The DRK’ In New Video

Image result for Proj Derelik

There’s a storm brewing up North. Within the smoggy depths of Middlesbrough, there’s a crop of hungry Grime MCs snapping at opportunities to make their mark. The ‘Tees Grime Fam’ collective have gained the attention of Logan Sama and ChuckieOnline in recent releases. Rapper-Producer, Proj Derelik’s new single, ‘Walk In The DRK’, is the latest release from the collective, and expected to be their biggest yet.

Following a succession of sizzling beat tapes, ‘Walk In The DRK’, sees Derelik swap the boards for the mic. Built around Venuq’s ‘Boreal’ beats’ haunting production, Proj’s moody introspective rhymes find a perfect home in the soundscape. Liverpool’s Woolton Hall offers a perfect setting for the video, its looming halls reflective of this atmospheric anthem.
Tees Grime Fam is a force to be reckoned with and one that refuses to be ignored. An unwavering work ethic and raw quality of music exemplifies the ethos of the entire collective. As a veteran in the scene, Proj can provide a ton of experience for the youngers and ‘Walk In The DRK’ is proof that he can still tear it up with the best of them.

Considering ‘Walk In The DRK’ is a teasing loose cut, imagine what’s in store for the forthcoming EP.

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