The Great & The Magnificent Tease Retirement with ‘One Last Time.’

North East duo The Great & The Magnificent have been quiet since the release of ‘When I’m Gone’ earlier in the year. Save for a spot at the illustrious Lindisfarne Festival, where they performed in front of a packed crowd as part of the BBC Introducing stage, Baron Von Alias and MistaBreeze had an unusually quiet summer. Better late than never, they’ve returned with ‘One Last Time.’ 

The video – creative as ever – is set 50 years in the future, potentially dispelling worrying rumours of retirement. The pair provide impressive pop culture based punchlines, trading verses with a multitude of subliminal disses – which I only caught because of my time managing the duo. Taking their style back to their debut album, ‘The Great & The Magnificent’, Baron and Breeze could be on to a winner here.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the duo. Wouldn’t it be great for at least one more The Great & The Magnificent album? 

*When I first heard this I ridiculed MistaBreeze’s ‘hair to the throne’ bar. I apologise sincerely for that. 

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