Tuckage & 90Bro Team Up For ‘Mixxd Feelinz’ Mixtape

New North East have established themselves as one of the most exciting collectives in the country. Individually the likes of Raza, Listaa and Tehuti Gold have showcased supreme improvement with their latest mixtape releases, whilst Beezy and Reali-T have followed suit with the verses they’ve dropped (especially on ‘No Way’) consquently the announcement of a collaborative project from Tuckage & 90Bro came as a welcome surprise. ‘Mixxd Feelinz‘ does not disappoint.  

Tuckage has cemented himself as one of the most raw and honest lyricists in the North East, whilst 90Bro had recently earned himself the moniker of Mr. Kill A Collab. It was because of that nickname, that I had some reservations however, worried Tuckage might find himself second best throughout the tape – but those presumptions proved to be overlooking Tuckage’s ability.

In the past, Tuckage’s projects have often suffered from a lack of a good ‘hook’, both in terms of generally being a deficit in delivering music in a way that makes the listener  feel the ‘need’ to listen as opposed to being a conscious decision to do so. On the other hand, often the chorus’ wouldn’t be catchy enough either. At the same time, 90’s projects often try too hard to be ‘futuristic’ and ‘experimental’ and as consequence leading some listeners to overlook his ability to fucking rap because he was too busy proving himself as an artist.

Seemingly working with one another brought out the best in 90Bro and Tuckage. Tuckage managed to ground 90Bro, keeping it to straight rap as opposed to overly and ostentatiously artistic. On the other hand, 90Bro’s penchant for the artistic stroke and ability to switch flows up mid-bar made sure there wasn’t a single track that felt monotonous and ‘same-y.’

My one key criticism of the mixtape would be the lack of features. Although it does fantastically with no other rapped verses, MC Halo has limited contribution to ‘Close‘, the one thing that could have turned ‘Mixxd Feelinz’ from a great mixtape into a classic one would be more guest verses. Whilst I am sure there are remixes with Sutherland and Max Gavins in the work, following their interest in the tape – this would have also been the perfect platform for the first full NNE posse-cut.

Structurally, conceptually and in terms of technical ability to spit bars, ‘Mixxd Feelinz’ is without doubt the best project in New North East’s discography and one of the best projects I’ve heard this year from anyone, anywhere. ‘Focused‘, ‘Double Drop‘ and especially ‘No More Games‘ specifically stand out as the best of a brilliant bunch. Can’t wait to hear some of this project performed at NNE’s headline show in Independent tonight.

Download the mixtape here.


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