5 Reasons 90Bro is King of the North

In Jay Z and J.Cole’s ‘Blueprint 3’ collaboration they rap about every day a star is born – on August 31st 1990, New North East‘s 90Bro was brought into the world. As the ‘Mediocrazy’ MC turns 26, we celebrate 5 of the reasons 90Bro deserves to be hailed as one of the Kings of the current generation within North East Hip Hop.

5. Memes
In the current era of Hip Hop, beefs are fought on Twitter in the arena of trolls who’s weapons of choice are memes. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve woken up to a magnificent meme for whatever currently has the internet exploding. When Frank Ocean started a live stream to showcase his carpentry, 90Bro was there. When Joe Budden chased kids with rocks, 90Bro was there. The next time anything remotely noteworthy trends on twitter, 90Bro will be there.

4. Mr. Kill A Collab
Since Hash Rotten Hippo pointed out in TheRootMusic Podcast episode he featured on, I’ve become very aware of 90Bro’s ruthless ability to ‘Renegade’ rappers when collaborating with them. Since then, I’ve affectionately nicknamed him ‘Mr. Kill A Collab’ and he’s lived up to the name on countless occasions. Nowadays there’s not many MC’s take pride in killing a guest verse, but 90Bro is an exception to the rule. Fellow Hip Hop artists know what to expect when they get a 16 from 90 and know they’ll have to provide their A game to match him.

3. Socially Conscious Content
As we discussed on TheRootMusic Podcast he featured on, 90Bro’s selling point as an artist is his socially conscious content. Whilst a more than capable rapper, 90Bro truly excels in exhibiting an extreme awareness of the world around him and the issues that go beyond ‘first world problems.’ Not just being aware of the issues though, 90’s lyrical capabilities exceed many of his peers in evoke interest from the listener into the worlds problem as opposed to preaching about them like many ‘conscious’ MC’s do. He may proclaim to make music for 2035, but the messages in his music are definitely directed to the now.

2. Spearheading the NNE movement
90Bro may not claim leadership of the New North East movement, in fact he completely refutes it – but it is inarguable that he is the most visible member of the Sunderland collective – in terms of quantity of releases, social media interaction and attendance at gigs. Each of the individuals in NNE deserve applause, as they collectively created one of most exciting movements the UK has to offer. 90Bro simply being apart of it, is enough cause for celebration, his perceived spearheading of the movement takes it to another level.
1. Supports the Scene
In North East Hip Hop there are two people who will support almost, if not everything released; Hash Rotten Hippo and 90Bro. Many will share bits and pieces from their favourite or the most notorious artists, but 90Bro may be the only MC who consistently shares others’ music regardless of their relationship. He goes beyond just sharing music on social media, he plays a lot of local music during his DJ sets at gigs, attends various gigs and gives shout outs to leading figures such as HB like in his ‘No More Games’ verse.

90Bro has just released the video for ‘Midnight In Paris’ from ‘Mediocrazy’, check it out below:

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