Review: Reali-T Ft. Beezy & Raza – No Way

New North East
One thing New North East aren’t in shortage of is the ability to architect bangers. The trio of Reali-T, Beezy and Raza often being the prime suspects whenever something filthy is coming out the Sunderland squad’s camp. Whilst Reali-T always bringing entertaining parodic roadman bars and Beezy is a beast with pop culture references – Raza has established himself as one of my favourite MC’s on the come-up right now with a consistent work rate, managing to match quality with quantity with seeming ease. Their latest collaboration comes in the form of ‘No Way‘, this weeks Track of the Week.

When it comes to hype tracks, the bars on the verses aren’t too important so long as the beat bangs and the chorus captivates. ‘No Way’ opens with its best foot forward in this regard. Whilst the three MC’s provide more than capable verses, that doesn’t detract from the importance of the beat-chorus combo. With just one listen, you’re guaranteed to have “Wasteman wanna take me for a mug, na na, never that no way” echoing around your head for hours.

Within ‘No Way’, Reali-T revels in the task of setting the bar for his fellow NNE bar-smiths and does so by bringing the best verse of his career to date. “Now I got a line full of enemies, longer than a NNE set-list” is a bar that will go over many heads, but as someone who was in attendance for their hour long set, it’s one of my favourite lines on the track. Add that to the “wet fish” opening line, “death wish” scheme and “super soak” gun bar, and that’s just the top half of Reali-T’s best quotables from his verse.

Following up, Beezy brings his A game to the track too. Whilst overall his verse is overshadowed by Reali-T’s, Beezy does manage to maintain the prize for best bar with his Breakfast Club scheme, simultaneously channelling his inner-Raza. That’s not the only outstanding bar the Washy rhymes offers however, he also makes short work of references to Roll Safe and OJ Simpson.

In comparison to the preceding verses, Raza’s bars become underwhelming. Whilst his verse is far from poor, it just doesn’t match up to the punchline count of Reali-T and Beezy. It almost feels as though he needs a few extra bars and what he’s offered was just the warm up. That being said, I’d love to see an extended version of ‘No Way’ in which Beezy continues his verse instead of Raza taking over and a third verse is added so Raza can show his true capabilities with more than a handful of bars. Better yet, I’d love to see a remix with all of NNE on it. With this beat and hook, I know a few of them have to be mad they didn’t get the chance to steal the show.

In conclusion, the beat and chorus alone were enough to put ‘No Way’ in good stead for this weeks Track of the Week. It’s win was cemented given the phenomenal punchline prowess of Reali-T and Beezy, alongside a decent verse from RaZa – who’s earned the right to have one verse off given the amount of times he’s delivered terrific tracks in the past six months.

It’s not quite in the same conversation as Wretch 32’s ‘Antwi’ as Track of the Year, but in terms of the local scene in Sunderland and surrounding areas’ output, this is up there with the best of them.

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