Nyck Caution – Funk Master Flex #Freestyle001

Funk Master Flex has hit the reset button on rap freestyles on his show. The legendary Hot 97 personality doesn’t want any more whack spitters on his show, repeating #MusicStillMatters. Flex invited Pro Era’s Nyck Caution for #Freestyle001, opening the floor for the young Brooklyn bar-smith to kick off the new, Sway In The Morning-esque series. 

With a plethora of pop culture references, proclaiming himself the “rap game, Jon Snow“, Caution ceases his opportunity with both hands, rattling off bar after bar, with multiple rhyme schemes and flows, showcasing his skills superbly. Being in a crew which already has a superstar in the form of Joey Bada$$, alongside Kirk Knight already cementing himself as the next up – it must be hard for other Pro Era emcee’s to earn respect in their own right. Here, Caution has certainly earned mine. Maybe it’s time to check out Disguise The Limit?

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