Review: Trev Rich – Make My Day

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Trev Rich. In fact, it’s gotten to the point now in which I’m more than that. Using TheRootMusic and other blogs as a platform I’ve become a glorified fan, someone who gets to hear music before it releases and in some cases (*Ahem* Pissed *Ahem*) records that never the light of day. I’ve been privy to rough versions of tracks, which would go onto become fan favourites. For that reason, I’m able to see a stealthy show of progression in the Colorado MC’s latest drop, that maybe others missed.

Because I critique every track verse bar I hear from the Squizzy Gang spitter, as opposed to just casual listening and waiting patiently for the next, I see how different Make My Day is. Much like the step up in quality of the autotune hooks from H3 to Rain In The Summer, this new single, produced by Antman, is on another level as a total package compared to anything Trev has done before.

From the artwork to the use of Mia Faro, who features on the record, the signs are there that Trev is kicking his artistry up a level. The Soundcloud description indicates a sense of uncertainty in the record, but I have no doubts that this could be the start of taking things to a new height, once again – with the right post-release promotion.

The combination of resonant tropes such as the “where the real bitches/niggas at” scheme with Trev’s spectacular skill with storytelling flows, the track is arguably Trev’s best yet. Is it my favourite? No. It doesn’t speak to me as much as Dear Ma, or get me amped as much as Talk My Shit, but what it lacks in likelihood in connecting to a specific portion of Trev’s demographic, it makes up for in that it’ll almost certainly appease a broader audience.

Make My Day provides the perfect balance between the turn-up trap bangers and the mood muzik anthems. This might just be Trev’s biggest track since Dreams, and has all the potential to go beyond that too. Therapy can’t come soon enough.

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