Review: Bugzy Malone – Walk With Me EP

Bugzy Malone Walk With Me Whilst Skepta’s been riding a wave of hype around the world with Shutdown, opening the doors for the likes of Bugzy Malone to achieve stateside success, its the 0161 MC who’s become the most exciting artist to watch within the UK. Following his rinsing of Chipmunk and becoming the quickest Fire In The Booth spitter to reach 1 million views, Bugzy would have been forgiven for taking his time with new music. Maybe he could take a step back and enjoy the success the first half of 2015 had offered him, but instead he’s taking the latter parts of the year by the horns too. 

The MC putting Manny On The Map represents all that is regarded as ‘real’ hip hop (sidenote: Grime is a sub-genre of hip hop as far as I’m concerned). Balancing a breath-taking work ethic with the ability to actually, fucking, rap mixed with the right blend of braggadocios bars and emotional resonance. The critically acclaimed single leading into the Walk With Me EP, M.E.N acts as the stand-out on the project with six of the seven remaining records reaching superb standards too. 

One downfall of the EP comes courtesy of Pain. It is a terrific track individually but within the context of Walk With Me, it’s style is alien to Get Gassed which precedes it. With Zdot’s phenomenal production as a backdrop for a large portion of Bugzy’s records it’s going to be very interesting to see how far the Manchester rapper can take his movement. As a shoe in for a MOBO Award win and BET Award nomination this year for his individual artistry, off the back of minimal cosigns and collaborations, he’s leading the pack but still very much apart of the large group of new-gen artists breaking through. It’ll be interesting if the albums that this EP presumably is leading up to will set him apart entirely. 

His geographical status has so far been as much of a factor in setting him apart, as it had hindered the likelihoood of being noticed due to the deficit in major artists from outside of the capital. The man says it best in his own words, “there’s a new king on the block, from a totally different town.” But even once the “0161 putting Manny on the map” novelty wears off, Bugzy Malone has all the talent needed to push further, and Walk With Me is testament to that. 

Buy Walk With Me from iTunes now. Stream the stand-out song below:

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