New Music: The Great & The Magnificent – Lawnmower Man 3

Before I dive into this, I want to express that I am a little biased. Working with The Great & The Magnificent as their manager, I guess that no matter how much I try to remain neutral and write a review with the same mind-frame I would for any other artist, it’s probably not going to happen. Although, the reason why I’m their manager, is largely due to my support for them beforehand, writing positive reviews about music they didn’t even like themselves back when they apart of Big Beat Bronson

With Lawnmower Man 3 (following from Kill Or Be Killed & Animal), Baron Von Alias and MistaBreeze continue their journey once again from square one. Having achieved so much following their first run as a duo, during which they released the titular album which has become their combined pseudonym, it’s difficult to re-start. After we released Lawnmower Man 3, premiered by Boi-1da, there was a lot of praise from several people, from my personal twitter group or the local MC’s who I asked for comment. 

It hasn’t quite made the splash that we expected it would pre-release. It’s plays are way south of anything they’ve dropped before, maybe partly due to our experiment with Soundcloud as opposed to YouTube. Yet, I genuinely believe that Baron Von Alias The Great drops two of the best bars of 2015 so far with his nods to Most Haunted and The Human Centipede. The Magnificent MistaBreeze comes with some top quality content too, there’s something about the Groot line that just sticks with me, and the jabs about supporting Facebook celebs over real talent is something most artists should relate to. 

There’s no hooks, no happy-rap structure, just straight up rappity-rap from two of the best MC’s from their region. With a mixture of great punchlines and magnificent flows, The Great & The Magnificent deliver what we believe is their best song to date, and one I’m confident stands them in good stead to recapture the magic they had all those years ago.


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