Review: Trev Rich – Deliver

Trev back! How many times are we going to say that? It’s been a hot minute since the Squizzy Gang spitter dropped Rain In The Summer, and ever since he’s been suspiciously quiet. Working in the studio no doubt, as he’s been teasing the highly anticipated fourth installment to the Heights series. From what I’ve heard of H4, we’re in for a solid project, but what about this new drop that missed my emails, and went straight to Soundcloud? 

Deliver is a 1 minute, thirty three second barfest. Filled with braggadocios quotables, delivered with captivating conviction. Whilst Trev has much better songs in store, this definitely isn’t unwelcome heat for my ears as a track to tie-us over until H4 is wrapped up. What really stands out on the latest release is the Colorado MC’s delivery, each word sounding crystal clear and his flow impeccable. 

Half of me wishes the track was longer, because of how strong the quality of the first half is. The other half of me however can’t quite place my finger on why for some reason despite the strength of the delivery and wordplay from top-to-bottom, there’s something that just makes me get a little bored toward the middle point, and Trev loses my attention from there. 

Maybe it’s simply that this track isn’t made for me. Trev always tells me that he knows which of his releases I’ll rate, and which I’ll criticise. Obviously, I’d love for a Dear Ma 2, but I can also appreciate songs of alternative styles. In fact, I think that despite its shortness, Deliver suffers because of its singular style throughout. Krept’s Ain’t On Nuttin Remix earned my admiration because of the switch up in flows towards the end, when it grew dangerously close to monotony, and maybe Trev could have done the same. 

No matter, Heights 4 is coming soon and Deliver is harmless as a reminder that Trev Rich can go toe-to-toe with any rapper on the planet, even if he doesn’t maintain that standard throughout. 


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