Review: Regime – This Is Me EP

“If you haven’t got a sense of humour, what have you got?” speaks Regime on Enter The Mind, the opening track of his fittingly titled debut EP, This Is Me. In an attempt to introduce himself to the ever-growing scene in the North East of England, the self-proclaimed “rapper with no conscience” compiles together his first four records for free download via bandcamp

With a refreshingly distinct voice, Regime is one of the most impressive, technically skilled emcee’s coming out of the North East scene right now and at such an early point in his career, is surely a one to watch for the future. Don’t be misconstrued by the dinosaur in the cover art, which I like to pretend is a homage to the No Limit album covers, Regime’s style of Hip Hop is far from extinct, even if it does have more in common with the 90’s golden age than the current generation. 

Bringing a mixture of vivid story telling and visceral horrorcore combined with just the right amount of emotional resonance over phenomenally produced beats, Regime represents the North East to near-perfection, especially with stand-out track, Town That Talks.

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